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Friday, December 31, 2010

Safety First! Yes MOMMY!

The first of the safety requirements (expenditures) comes from the USCG.  Then there are the "Mommy" requirements to leave the dock with the kids...  Below is a mostly complete list of all the upgrades and additions even those that are not completely installed.

Below is an itemization of the USCG and MOMMY Lists ($13,253 not including EPIRBs)

The boat...   total $10,518.00
OGM -  Orca Green Marine LED navigation lights.  This includes port, starboard, stern, tri-mast and steaming. $1700+ after new wiring is ran.
Standard Horizon Eclipse DSC+ VHF plus antenna and emergency antenna $400.00
Standard Horizon hand held VHF one for the boat, one for the dinghy, and one extra. $450.00
West Marine Antigua binoculars plus floating strap  $380.00
New Navigation Navigator Compass $106.00
Weems and Plath Navigation aids est $250.00
Maptech chart kits, Maptech cruising guides, Explorer chartbooks, multiple guides covering from NYC to Mobile including the Bahamas and Caribbean. $2000.00 +_
Ditch Bag stocked $400.00
Life Sling including mounting hardware, hard case and 3:1 lifting sling.  $400.00
PFD type one USCG approved for crossings and storms  4ea and one typeIV $220.00
Fire extinguishers 4ea.  $130.00
Jack lines 2x  $116.00
Throw rope $70.00
SOLAS red parachute flares 4ea $252.00
SOLAS red hand flares 4ea $108.00
SOLAS floating smoke signals 2ea $126.00
25mm Flare kit  Gun/launcher and flares 2 sets $500.00
Misc. distress items not included elsewhere $200.00
First aid kit (self assembled) $250.00
LED Spot light $110.00
GPS Lowrance Gps/depth unit, XOG for dinghy, Spot to track adventure, Fugawi, etc $2250.00
and lots of misc. items I don't remember at the moment  $X.XX

Individual sailors - Adult 3ea @ avg $675 total = $2025.00
PFD Self inflating normal use  $150-375.00 each
Safety harness  $80.00
Safety tether $170.00
ACR strobe lights, signal kits, etc $200.00

Individual sailors - youth 2ea @ $355 total = $710.00
PFD type II coastal  $35.00
Safety harness $50.00
Safety tether $70.00
ACR strobe lights, signal kits, etc $200.00

 s/v Gemini Dreams
running total $17,251.00 +
hopefully Mommy can buy the life raft!