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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Free WiFi

Okay, I'm posting this here for the live aboards and cruisers.

On a bill board in ST Pete I saw that Brighthouse.com/freeinternet is offering 30 days of free Wifi. You do not have to be a customer. You must initiate the connection before 10-31-13. 

I do not know about the other markets but here in Tampa Bay area (where the bill board is at) the above address will not work. You must use brighthouse.com/tamp-bay/wifi-trial

Hope this helps some others.  If you will not be in the Brighthouse area until early November go ahead and use Zip 33708 (or a zip for the area you will be in) and get your code and initialize before the end of October.  If you are doing the loop, Florida or in California here is a Brighthouse link for coverage areas.  http://brighthouse.com/tampa-bay/about/service-areas