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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Recent Sail Quotes ... Albin Vega 27... Part 4 the 165% Generator

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Recent Sail Quotes part 4

So, it was the beginning of march and I had decided to order a Hydesailsdirect.com Code 0 for around $950 ($826 IN 2015).  Problem was it was then priced at $1618.00!  If you read part 3 of Recent Sail Quotes you will see I managed to buy my 9.2m spinnaker instead of the Code 0. 

This is the story of the "Plan C" reaching light air sail.  Plan A was of course the Hydesailsdirect code 0.  Plan B was Sommerset sails for around $950.

Timing is everything more often than not.  While I reevaluated my plans in mid March I received an email from Peak Sails.  I have been on their mailing list since I asked for a quote back in 2015. 

Our 2018 Annual Private Spring Sale Is Back!
Save Up To 17% Plus Beat The Upcoming Price Increase
  • 15% Discount on all Peak Mainsails, Jibs & Genoas
  • 17% Discount on Cruising Spinnakers
  • 7% Discount on our popular Generator.
  • Just 10 Days to Act!

I had just 10 days to lock in this price.  All I had to do was return the email saying I would like to lock in the price and I would have a couple weeks or more to make the decision.  A quick check of their site listed a price for a Catalina generator at $505, of course I returned the email.   The Conformation email including the pricing specific to my Albin Vega was quickly returned.

The following are Generator quotes for your Albin Vega. Please note that this pricing does not include your Spring Sale discount.

150%: $405.00
165%: $455.00

The Generator can be used in winds up to 12 knots. Actual use will vary based on boat design and displacement.

Like a traditional genoa built in Dacron, The Generator can be used on all points of sailing. Again, actual performance can be different on a boat by boat basis.

I went on with life "Ticking away the moments That make up a dull day" and didn't think much about it.  Seven days later I ordered the Hydesailsdirect.com 9.2m Spinnaker.

By April the 20th I had received quotes from a couple of sail lofts, except for those that filed Gemini Dreams under "My little boat is not worth their time".  After looking over the internet reviews of  Peak Sails the previous comments were still there from when I did the first round of quotes on the main a foresail. There was not really anything new to weigh in on expectations.  I also took a look at reviews on SomersetSomerset's  reviews were better than those of Peak Sails but at almost double the price?  Even thinking that the Somerset would be better in reality I ordered the Peak Sails Generator.  My justification?  If it sucks I can sell if for what I paid or close since it will be in hand and people will not have to wait for the sail to show up from lands far far away. 

  • March 20th, Peak Sails solicitation email about spring sail.
  • March 20th, email with Alvin Vega Quote.  150% = $405, 165% = $455. Less an additional 7% for the sale.
  • April 20th,  Ordered the Generator!  Included a copy and paste of the sale pricing and quote.
  • April 20th,  Three emails received from Pat Greene, order conformation, invoice, payment conformation (30% deposit =  $140.36, shipping = $44.73, 7% discount = $31.85)(also flagged by gmail as phishing scam).  I knew going into the transaction that Peak Sails chargers shipping!  Keep that in mind.
  • April 21st,  email received from Pat Greene requesting colors, I in turn requested more design specifications - LOL, I finally gave up when they replied the luff is 30 feet an sent my color combination "Blue and Black". 
  • May 14th,  email received from Summer Wang. "... I am pleased to inform you that your recently place sail order is due to be completed during the latter part of next week.
    Your account currently has a balance of $324.52 which needs to be remitted prior to our releasing your sail(s) for shipment. An electronic payment invoice will be forwarded to you shortly for your convenience.
  • May every day after the 14th,  "Wasting the hours in an offhand way" waiting on the invoice.
  • June 4th,  Electronic invoice shows up and is promptly paid.
  • June 14th,  Sent email inquiring status
  • June 15th, email received from Summer Wang. "...Please accept my apologies. Your account with us is indeed paid in full.  We have two systems and one showed a balance due. Your Generator is completed and is scheduled to ship next week..."
  • June 27th, Sent email inquiring status and explaining NEXT WEEK has came and left once again.
  • July 3rd, Received email from Summer Wang. "I am happy to report that your new sail has shipped directly from our Hong Kong based loft."
  • July 6th,  Delivered.  77 days! (reference 25 days for my mainsail from HSD)
  • Would I recommend Peak Sails?  Only if price is the MAIN factor in the equation.

Do I expect to be 100% happy?  No.  Do I expect it to do the job?  Most likely.  Do I expect the clew to be in the water?  Maybe.  Why did I buy the Generator?  Because if it works above 90 degrees in light air it was $1,150.12 less than the posted Hydesailsdirect.com price.  But then again, there are Yugos (at least there used to be) and Porsches.

If Hydesailsdirect.com puts the Code 0 on sale for less than $1,000 I still may buy it.  If I really don't like this one I may try the Somerset Code 0.