If time is money and you have more time, Do you need more money?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Elvis is in the building

Just before the stroke of high noon the Fisher King received a call.  Over 24 hrs after the two mischievous cats were pronounced coyote victims, The Bob was home!  Unfortunately Max was laid to rest.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sad, Sad, Day For The Little Man

The Fisher King's cat Bobby has been staying with the other half of the family.  Last night Bob and his playmate Max had an unfortunate meeting with the local coyotes.  Hugs to you little man, your sister and your moms.

The lower right photo has been over the Fisher King's berth for weeks.

Without pressure from bears and wolves the coyote has expanded it's territory and now lives in even heavily populated areas.   


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In Through The Prism And Out the Dark Side Of Life

Time has come to realize I am another day older and one day closer to death, 50 times over.

Live life with color even if it is only shades of gray

"And you run and you run 
To catch up with the sun 
But it's sinking 

Racing around 
To come up behind you again 

The sun is the same 
In a relative way 
But you're older 

Shorter of breath 
And one day closer to death"

But why dream in black and white?

Do you know which one got in the pool first

I'm 4 years younger than Barbie!

And of course from this point on it could only become NSF so we end here on this post that has nothing relative to sailing our Vega.

"Every year is getting shorter.  
Never seem to find the time.  
Plans that either come to naught, 
Or half a page of scribbled lines..."

"...Thought I'd something more to say"

Quotes from "Time", Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Andrea is loose in the Gulf

Andrea became a TD at 6pm tonight.  Traveling at a measly 3mph, wandering.  The forecast is for landfall between here and Panama City.  At least for now that is.   Also for now is the forecast not to make it to a Hurricane.

Today at 3pm we started getting the rain associated with Andrea.

So where have we been for two months?  What have we been doing?  Not a bloody damn thing!  At least nothing to "write home" about.  Hanging out with family when we can, working part time to stock up for the Bahamas this coming season, (NO MORE KEYS VACATIONS of any length.) and I'm sure there was something else worth mentioning but I can't remember what.  Instead of boring our readers with trivial issues over the last two months we kept quite.

We did go to the pirate festival at John's pass.  We saw Dredmor's baldric in person but it is still too expensive for now.  I keep thinking about a pirate costume but keep putting off spending all the money.

We have had plenty to complain about but nothing positive to line the pages.  Things like a rocker arm failure on our dinghy motor that set us back $350.

The Fisher Kings Friend for a moment.  It was quickly returned to the bay after the picture.

Stay tuned for some upcoming projects between now and Thanksgiving.