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Friday, May 1, 2015

Catching Up On Needful Things

Way back before Morgans Bluff we broke part of our rear stay.  Yes, of course we had the boat overpowered with full sails in big seas and too much wind.  With a little help from our buddy boat and some parts we had we replaced the old "Y" with Endura Braid.  The fix was so much stronger than the original we left it until we returned to the Emerald City.  I thought about using Hi Tech lines instead of the stainless rope but after weighing all the options and especially durability I kept the stainless but used 316 instead of 304.

Spotted dolphins allways make the day

Once moored in Massalina Bayou I dug out our parts for the rigging rebuild.  Not long ago while tied to a dock here in Massalina I rebuilt the Hood roller.  At that time I replaced the fore stay with 1/4 inch wire and swagless Hi-MOD fittings from Hyan.  Once that was complete I stuffed all the remaining fittings back into a large zip-lock and waited for another day.  Seems now I should have done the rear at that time too.

Thanks Rick and Audrey of s/v Naked Lady
 for drilling my new toggles to the mast pin size.

I rebuilt the stay in the same design as the previous one.  Except, I purchased a triangle plate instead of looping the lower split around a thimble.  I also upgraded the toggles at the mast head to match the Hayn fittings.  Now upon that wonder known as "Hindsight" I would have put the triangle plate at the mast head and ran two full length rear stays.  The cost would have been the same or less due to fewer fittings and smaller wire rope.

Setting the 316 SS wire rope

A little 4200 to keep water out 

All tight and squeezed

Excess 4200 cleaned up

New Turnbuckles for the rig adjustment

For those times the boat thinks it is a racer or beats into the wind a tensioner

A fiddle set and more Endura Braid complete the rear stay tensioner

 Now that I have crossed the Gulf and have left PC I need to wait for a calm day during the week to do the side stays.  Everything is on the boat and ready.  I should have done it in the flat water of Massalina.

 s/v Mini Pearl stopping in Mad Beach for a quick hello on her way to the Emerald City

Rumsets and Fairwinds