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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Oyster Farming and Hurricanes Oh My!

So glad to see her floating after we had a night of 
Hurricane Irma Cat1 winds with a few Cat2 gusts.

Well it seems, at least I think, just perhaps I may possibly stop growing oysters upon the hull and take off for another cruise.

Trying to get ready was more effort than ever before.  The near miss with Irma meant the full Hurricane prep was done and then needed recovery (Read:Big pain in the ass and very time consuming).  I had new items to install, a few old projects not completed, and some neglected maintenance I hate doing before I could toss the lines.  Of course there was life, weather and all those other uncontrollable delays.  Even provisioning seemed to take longer this time too.

Once all the last minute mind changes and "I'm too old epiphanies had occurred my tentative departure date of 12-15-17 was several days behind.  The delay brought me right up to winter solstice and Santa Day.  So why not stay until then and spend time with the family.

I finally left the oyster farm on 12-27-17