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Thursday, August 30, 2012

We broke 20K

We now have passed the 20,000 mark on page views.

Someone must be entertained.

the crew of s/v Gemini Dreams

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This Is The Hurricane That Never Was, Never Was...

Oh wait I think it may be... Finally Cat 1 just before landfall.

After watching a forecast track for days that showed Panama City in direct fire... Isaac started doing the Texas shuffle, heading evermore to the west.  As it neared Key West it took a big westward step and forgot that the weather man said it would be a H1 by then.  Then it forgot to increase again as it passed north of Alligator Alley latitude.  Then as it neared PC it once again slept overnight and forgot it was supposed to be a Hurricane.  Then once the path was NO again and we were supposed to get 6-12 inches of rain, we received HOT BREEZES, no rain!  Well maybe a couple of drops.  So as I sit here in the cockpit with a hot breeze on my shoulder typing away the news media would have you believe the worst.

Sticky note:  Have you ever noticed, and this is especially true of naturally occurring weather events, that people would rather be hypocritical than honest.  I don't know how many times this week I have heard "I hate to wish it upon someone else but, ..."  If you wish a hurricane was somewhere else other than on you then you are wishing it upon someone else.  Just get your head out of the Sunday School sand and be a big boy and say what you really think.

The reality is...
No not this, this is actually out on the beach.  Seems like a world of difference.

 What it looked like at Panama City Beach today

Three little Vegas all nestled in the bayou are safe and sound with just a really big tide and a stiff breeze.  Yes there are three Vegas at our dock!  Check out the waves here compared to the beach!
s/v Raindrop

s/v Mini Pearl

s/v Gemini Dreams floating higher than the planks
Without it's typical dock tarps and sun shades that Espin rags us about! lol

High tide today, there really is a finger pier there somewhere.

So what else has been happening since our last post a month ago?

1.  Well after riding around for over a year and a half under the starboard settee the winches are on.

Now coaming our winches match the Lewmar self tailing on the cabin top.

crusty old winch

Upside down in the lazerette.  I wish I had new jam cleats to complete the project.

All that holds the original winches on. 

2.  We have been enjoying happy hour and the company at the dock. 

It's past 5 O'clock somewhere!

 Get a picture of me with this bottle of sauce I will look important!


Simi-organized Pot Luck, thanks to all who contributed!

Can you see the ghost of the Fisher King?
Look close at the shirt and dinghy

 You would think he was the teacher at art class

 The center of attention

 Is it how to make a rose or how to eat spaghetti?

Gigi and her rose


3.  The fisher king has purchased a new camera for his next adventure.  He was able to do this with the money from the shells he has sold.  And of course a lesson in patience and thrifty shopping.  His new camera is a Nikon Coolpix .  It has a 22x zoom (his favorite feature), 14 megapix, a 32g card, and a new Lowe Pro case.  He saved $172.00 from the original price by waiting for a close out.  I hope that this addition adds more "good" photos to our blog.  Several of the photos in this blog post were taken with it.  Thanks Bill for your patience as you waited longer than anyone.  He still has more shells to sell!
Ayrton sells sea shells by the sea shore
Ayrton sells sea shells by the sea shore
Ayrton seels sea shells by the sea shore

A comparison of full aspect to zoom/22
Both pics taken with camera in same atop same post.

4.  I am leaving #4 blank until it is actually finished.  This would be the hard dodger that keeps being delayed due to the rain and hurricane.  It will have it's own page and post once it is complete. 

5.  The "family anchor" that keeps us here in PC is moving to snow country!  This means no more reason to hang out in PC!   (If you know us we have been biting our blogging tongues this season about the Emerald City!  But I have a true story to share with you.)  If all goes well we will be cruising once the hurricane season winds down.

My baby girl is growing up!

 Spending time with his sister

 And being a bratty little brother!

6.  Boat school has been slow to start up this year but it is now going.  We will also honor it with it's own post soon.  I know all the others that are thinking on embarking on a journey are curious.


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