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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the Wee Armada

After the 50 knot blow in Boot Key Harbor I was more than ready to get back on my way to the Dry Tortugas. Capt "K" from Wee Happy was finished with his "job" and ready also (I think they are close to two months in Boot Key). As time to depart came we were joined by two more boats, the s/v Earendil and the s/v Wave Dancer, and we had four 27 footers going to Bahia Honda.

(No pic with the sails up for Earendil, she took off and ran away! )
s/v Earendil is a 27 foot Hunter, Piloted by Sara and Trevor.
s/v Wave Dancer is a 27 foot Ericson, Piloted by Janea and Dave.
Wave Dancer and Wee Happy
Drinks aboard s/v Wee Happy

After all arriving safely in Bahia Honda plans for dinner started to slowly arise. This one everyone kind of shot from the hip. I had finished my fishing for the day (nothing) and rowed over to Wee Happy to join the conversation. No one had any specific plans and 3 of the 7 crew were still fishing. By the time all 7 were on board Wee Happy, Trevor said they had sausages and each boat then added to the dish creating a wonderful Sugarosa & Sausage pasta. Our great hosts for dinner, Sara and Trevor (their interior fits 7 for dinner!), then dug out two decks of cards and we played "Bull Shit" and one hand of "Rummy 500".

On day two I needed to make the trip to West Marine at Key West and during that time the Wave Dancer started her return back to Boot Key "black hole you can't escape from" Harbor. In their place was s/v Drifter with Kurt and Christina aboard (not a 27 footer). While in Key West I got some shrimp and charcoal for dinner. I called Trevor to handle the organization of the side dishes at Bahia Honda. During dinner while the recap of the day before was being given to Kurt and Christina, I coined a word for Capt "K" and Lala to put on their blog...the Wee Armada (a Wee group of Wee boats all going Whee to the same Wee anchorage).

Tiger Shrimp  (quick and easy)
  • Three pounds 26/30 shrimp peeled and de-viened
  • Two green peppers cut for skewers
  • Two red peppers cut for skewers
  • One sweet onion cut for skewers
  • Two bottles Tiger Sauce
Build skewers with 6 shrimp and alternating veggies. Coat with tiger sauce and grill over charcoal.  Add your choice of sides. DO NOT OVERCOOK

Sunsets to all,

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