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Monday, May 9, 2011

Feeding the dolphins on Mother's Day

Well I finally got the girls out on the boat.  Tin Man runs around now like he has it under control.  Trying his best to anticipate and be helpful.  The winds were light and the seas over sized for the conditions.  Just what all new sailors want: Rock and Roll.  

We headed out through the pass, dodging all the dredge operation.  It is amazing how much space a pump boat and some pipe actually take.  I learned way back at Apalachicola you must follow the biggest boat you can find. Today was a little simpler as there were light winds and a lot of traffic.
This is MY SPOT and don't take my picture with this stupid orange life vest on!

We did a little trolling for dinner down the grand strand of Thomas Drive.  I turned 180 when I expected the "lunch" questions to start.  Sure enough about 10 minutes later.  "When's do we eat?"  That was the moment the  drag on the port rod started to sing a little.  I expected this rod to out fish all the rest by a long shot because it was rigged with a Spanish Mack rig (4 tube flies and a spoon).  Tin called my attention and hoping he could reel it in, but after all it was Mother's Day.  So... "Fish on!"... as I motioned for Dana to come and handle the fish.  By the time Dana came from her sunning on the bow to the take the rod and find a spot to reel the fish in, as it was a bit of a battle.  I think she made a half dozen cranks or so then all hell broke loose.  There was a sudden flash of silver or white out behind the dinghy and a huge pull on the reel.  I reached to help and was unable to stop the run.  Then as I saw the fin break the water I knew...
"My poor fish!"

That big flash of white was the underside of a dolphin.  He (or she, after all it is mother's day)...  seems she (we'll go with that) wanted the mackerel more than we did.  The dolphin continued to roll over as the remaining members of the pod played right along.  All rolling and diving.  I kept thinking "Damn, I'm going to have to call and get help to unhook a protected species!"  Well after a few seconds all went calm.  I reeled in 4 tube flies, a spoon and a mackerel head.  No signs of issues with the dolphin.  No need to call dolphin rescue.  I was glad to see all the lures at the end of the line!
Every dinghy needs a little TLC mud (sand) bath to clear the growth.

After lunch we went for a splash to cool off.  While the kids played in the water I started cleaning the hull on Boo Boo Tin Tin and the girls helped out a bunch!  I had anchored at the point on Shell Island's inner corner.  All was good until the tide started to flow out and we stayed a little too long.  Try pulling two anchors up with 3 knots of current pushing the boat sideways.  LOL.  If I was alone this would have been a 3 hour wait until the tide slacked!  (Good news is both anchors held fast!)
Tin with the last micro fish of the day

We had a little wind to sail us back and shiver those that were tired and sunburned.  Another wonderful day on the boat.


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