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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wish I Could Fly Like Superman

Now how does that title have anything to do with our little sailboat? It goes like this....

Now that we are tied to a dock again we get caught up in the "normal" life, well sort of anyway.  I was up early again this morning, I don't know if that is because of the drift back into central time or dawn's light coming through the companion way.  Anyway after starting on the resurrection of our primary computer (It is an Asus eeeBox with dual core 1.6, we have been on the back up single core eeeBox) I realized we have not posted in a while.  Yes we are getting boring, the water is murky, and the fishing and snorkeling not what we have had.  There isn't really anything we were dying to share.  No big sharks, no grouper, no meeting new friends, no snorkeling, you are kind of getting the picture.  But wait...

You (I) have to remember it is the attitude that makes the difference.  So lets recap the happenings since arriving with a cruising point of view.

We arrived and slipped under the bridge early one morning after spending the night a Dupont bridge.  Riding the inter-coastal from Apalachicola to PC is much better that the other way around.  Going east tends to be too much current and takes us over a day.  We spent two days anchored out in a quite little harbor with a restaurant right beside us.  We broke down on day two and had breakfast at Bayou Joe's.  Beware they put that damn redneck salt curred ham and greasy cheese in their omletes.  And just to keep us on the cruise they have island prices!  We can mark them off as "been there done that" but they make a pretty neon night light.

Bayou Joe's after sunset

Now in the true tradition of the island party there is are the afternoon happy hour here on the dock. We also have the random cook out and dinner party. It doesn't take much to get one of these going, perhaps just someone getting bored. Of course they are mandatory for any event, like returning from a cruise, family visiting, holidays or any other excuse. It is getting close to our turn to host the party, perhaps the Jamaican Shrimp. This alone has has been worth the time at the dock, new friends and social time.

 Happy hour on the dock,  Todays excuse...s/v Mini Pearl returned home.

The Albin Vega crews, s/v Mini Pearl, s/v Gemini Dreams, s/v Raindrop

We also had fireworks on the Forth of July.

 Overlooking downtown marina

Now about those sharks, groupers and other fish.  First, the Fisher Kings has shown everyone at the dock he can catch more and larger fish than them.  He has caught large flounder and sea bass already.  But the dock is too protected for the Fisher King.  He doesn't catch as much fish as he would like to.  I have to make time to get him to some better fishing spots on a regular basis.  This week his moms and his aunt Brooke hooked him up!  Groupers, Lings and Sharks oh my!

The Fisher King and and the all muscle tactic.  

 His moms had a good time from these photos.

 The girls had a great day too!  Thanks Brookie for taking him!

 The Fisher Kings catch of the day!
The kissing fish pic and more of the catch behind him.

 The Fisher King says the guide gave all the good fish to his aunt Brooke,
 like this small tiger shark.   lol    I wonder why.

 The not so baby tiger!

finally tired!  Way to go Brookie!

Oh yea...  "Wish i could fly like superman"  After realizing we have not posted I started thinking what to write.  Then I started on the wonder how long we are going to be here tangent, which led to "Should I stay or should I go" from the Clash.  Somehow that passed through the cellular membranes and crashed into the Kinks song.  They were both always in the car or cassette player especially when it was going triple digits or through the dark with no lights.  But now that I have typed this paragraph I have thought about Big Audio Dynamite (remaining Clash) and seeing them open for U2 around 1990.  Celluloid Heroes? oh back to the Kinks.

Wow light bulb moment!   Often I don't know what triggers the random crashing thought in my head.  Much like "voices" changing the radio or tv within.  But today I was able to corner the culprit and have a rhyme and reason.  Last night we watched the 3rd Anaconda movie (it sucked, well Crystal Allen is hot) and in it was John Rhys-Davis.  I remember seeing his name in the credits at the beginning.  John Rhys-Davies  =/= Ray Davies.  Hmmm now the question is "Is it more alarming now that you understand the voices or when they make absolutely no sense?"  Keep a look out from my book "Random Thoughts While Cruising Through Life."


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