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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Life And True Stories In The Emerald City

Marathon dinghy dock

While in the local marine store the other day I overheard a conversation that went like this.

Chatter among several people with the realization that the man at the counter was now the new management of a local marina.

Girl Friday: "Are you going to offer a dinghy dock?"
Man at the counter, "What is a dinghy dock? Is that where all the freeloaders in the sailboats come and steal you stuff?   Those people...  well no offense to you of course."
Girl Friday, "A dinghy dock is where we pay to come to use the showers, get water and a safe place to leave the dinghy."

After a couple more tries she just gives up and the man leaves saying.
 "Those people just need to stay away."

*Cruisers take note there is only one actual dinghy dock in PC, it is at the city marina.  Landing anywhere else could end up in shackles and buckshot.

Welcome to PC

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