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Monday, August 5, 2013

Apples, Trees and 13

After almost 3 years of NO pets on board, I CAVED!  Relentless little man I have on board.  If it is his thought and idea he is non stop.  Ever persistent, ever relentless, ever steadfast, ever lasting conviction to his cause.  He is head strong and does not give up on what he believes a necessary battle.  His ability to read his opponent at his youthful age is uncanny.  Apples falling from trees fall not far.

After a few days of Craigslist and other Internet stops along the animal shelter home pages I could see a pattern starting to appear.  (We had one rule, maybe two, or is it three.  The cat had to have short hair.  And not too young or too old.  Oh and he was paying!  (or at least paying what he could))  In our search for a short haired cat the word Siamese kept coming up.  We barely missed out on a blue eyed Siamese by a day or two that would have fit our requirements purrrrfectly (yes I just did that).  His cell mate was Joey an all black cat with green eyes and built like a Siamese.  We then looked for Burmese too. All of Tampa had very few, more like none, that fit our requirements.  Then after about a week of looking for a Siamese I realized the Aristocratic nature was more me and not Ayrton.  He wanted a friend.  So I pulled out the phone and called Cathy back to see if Joey was still there.  He was.

Welcome aboard 13

On the trip to get Joey riding in the back seat with both my wonderful children Amy and Ayrton thought about calling him "13".  I had to laugh out loud.  Apples and Trees.  This was so me too. Naming a black cat 13 just too funny to me.  But I do tend to be antagonistic.  Maybe we could train 13 to walk across the side walk in front of people so they must choose between crossing his path or walking under a ladder.

We will continue to post on changes adding a cat to our crew has made in our lives.


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  1. All I saw was 13 and a picture of a black cat and laughed about it too. Maybe bring you some luck? (hopefully the good kind)lol