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Friday, April 24, 2015

Damn time flies

Enjoy more sunsets

Well... I just realized it has been over a year since the incident in Bimini.  Since that time we have made big changes on board s/v Gemini Dreams.

Miss you TinMan

First was the hardest of the changes.  My first mate jumped ship.  Seems he decided to return to public school.  After three solid years of him within 3 feet of me it was a hard adjustment.  Actually kind of depressing.

Second which complicated the first even more I returned to the Emerald City once again.  I tried my best not to complain about how I feel about the city compared to 30 years ago.  Seems the news is doing enough of that for me.

13 taking one last look back as he walks the plank

Third, I made 13 walk the plank.  With out the first mate 13 was ever so bored so I found him a new home in St Pete.  He can now entertain his new friends.

A new panel awaits time

Fourth is an ongoing battle of time, weather, money and boat projects.  Seems when I have time the weather is either wet or cold.

Life is better with softball, love you Boo

I will try to post the projects over the next few months.  Once again rambling in an off hand way utilizing TV generational metaphors and esoteric musical content.  I have missed posting the blog but for 3 years it was my way to brag about the Fisher King and his excitement for life.  Now it will be just the miscellaneous ramblings of a senile old man on a tiny boat trying to live life and catch a few softball games.


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