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Friday, July 10, 2015

Happy 4th!

Sunset July 4th , 2015

Last week was the first time in 4 1/2 years I finally had to pull a motor apart and fix the water pump.  I was still dripping but not enough to protect the engine.   I tried the usual things to make the flow better before turning bolts but to no avail.  Once I decided to break open the impeller (my first time) of course I lost the drive pin.  What a stupid design on the little Mercury!  The good news is the impeller was okay but why was the flow bad.  Blockage most likely.  I still had the previous 3.5 on the rail waiting for listing on Craig's List.  So, off came my second impeller and being more careful not to loose the drive pin.  Once the newer motor was all assembled with a new impeller it was time to "start the motor".  Vroom Vroom sputter vroom.  It didn't like being upside down for a little while. Now all was running well except the water was just dribbling out!  It's hot time for a break.

Natures own 4th show coming to town.
Stirred up the boats waiting on the fireworks like it was in Boot Key.
The storm quickly blew over after creating a little excitement.
Remember people... Manson Supreme!

Fourth of July at Madeira Beach, FL 2015

 Just a few minutes between shots July 3rd

The bluest sunset since the reflections on the Banks of the Bahamas
July 5th, 2015

Back to the impeller change...  With no real change after replacing the impeller I was going to get a gallon of Barnacle Buster and hope that fixed the problem.  After a few hours I restarted the motor and it has been running as it should every since.  I have a spare impeller for emergency use too.

If anyone is curious, I use about 1 gallon of gas a month in the little 3.5 Mercury.


Oh, that little pin... I found it 3 days latter in the dinghy

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