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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Back to posting on the blog. Maybe, hopefully at least I think I can.

Alright!  I'm back!  This winter the weather was not friendly to put it mildly.  The clouds were plenty and the wind was wild.  It made for a few good sunsets but made island hopping not so easy.   I'll summarize the 2018 cruise in pictures below.

 The only calm day in January. 
I was 60 miles away from Rodriguez Key and making the weather window to Bahamas this year.

Just made it to Boot Key as the sun set.

 View from Burdines

After 3 weeks in the Keys waiting on a good weather window I began to give up the Bahamas for this year

 Even those that made it over were complaining they were "TRAPPED" in paradise.


Last sunset for the year in Boot Key Harbor

Leaving 7 mile bridge

That is actually a very large turtle

Sarasota Bay last anchorage of the trip

This seasons cruise may not have been a Grand Adventure but it was a much needed Vacation.

Stay tuned I have several project write ups I need to post.

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