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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Recent Sail Quotes ... Albin Vega 27... Part 2 the 135%

Yes I'm a little behind on this post!  Click to see part 1 here

©Photo copyright Hyde Sails Direct

(Albin 27 Vega Performance Genoa #2)
(Challenge Warp-Drive Race Dacron)
[Sail Cloth:Challenge Warp-Drive Race upgraded to 7.11]
[LP:135% LP]
[Luff Type:Luff Tape]
[Reefing Corner Patches:Yes, for roller reefing sails]
[UV Cover?:Acrylic Capt Navy (Admiral)]
[Reefing Luff Pad:Reefing Luff Pad - Yes]
[Trim Stripes:Yes]
[TellTale Window:No]

Another season had passed since I purchased the main and I took a deep breath and clicked on the buy now button once again with HYDESAILSDIRECT.com.  After reviewing most of the internet, talking to other owners and cruisers, and of course Judy Blumhorst I decided on a 135% foresail.  I chose the same upgrades I had on the main as well.  Most notably the 7.11 oz cloth and tri-radial design.  This was the point where I was also making decisions on the future sails in the plan.  The 135% sail would be better for me single handed than a 150% or especially a 165% that so many people have on a Vega.  The same 135% with the heavier 7.11 oz cloth will not be as happy in light winds as the 6.11 oz 150%.  I'll discuss the light air sail decisions later on in the blog when the specifics are more concrete.  Right now there are too many variables.

  • August 16th, 2016 -  Once again I used Hydesailsdirect.com (HSD) to get the estimate for my Albin Vega. This tool is EXCELLENT!  You never have to talk to anyone if you don't want to. There are 5 mains, 16 headsails, and 5 spinnakers quoted already. 
  • August 16th,  I received 4 emails confirming my order, sail specifics, my payment info, measurement instructions and that they had already sent out a package to me.  [100' decimal feet measuring tape, Folding wood ruler - decimal feet, Plastic caliper, Sample mainsail slides (for mainsail orders), Sample swatch book for UV covers (for headsail orders), Sample luff tape (for headsail orders), Return shipping label for kit] 10% deposit at this time.
  • August 26th, I received email conformation on my measurements and photos.
  • August 26th, Talked to Judy Blumhorst on the phone.  During our conversation I was given upgrade to 7.11 cloth as a perk for my site referring customers her way. Thank you everyone!
  • August 29th, 2nd email acknowledging measurements this time signed David Blumhorst.  I guess David is my sails baby sitter now.
  • September 20th,  Response from David to my inquiry of "Just checking on my sail's process?  The main sail was only a month from start to finish last year and the head sail seems to be dragging compared to that.  It has been 3+ weeks since I sent the measurements." Answer: "Your order is with the designer and we expect it back tomorrow. Once we get it we will submit it to production. So we are about 3-4 weeks out right now. Regards, Dave B."
  • September 20th, email received with design verification and specifications.   
  • September 22nd,  Submitted to production.
  • September 27th, Billed another 80% of cost.
  • October 5th,  Statement with Payment in full, expected delivery Friday or Saturday, Thanks David B 
  • October 7th, email from David with tracking information and another thank you.
  • October 11th,  Unboxing,  Everything was as expected.  The large black sail bag was more appropriately sized this time. 
  • November 4th, support@hydesailsdirect.comsent request for survey

In summary the main sail order went smoother.  It is possible when my purchase was taken over by David it fell through a crack or perhaps Judy is just more attentive.  If my 3 1/2 weeks in limbo had occurred with the main sail I may not have know there was a problem and just thought it was business as usual.  With the first purchase to compare to this was obviously slower. Enough to complain about? No more than this paragraph.  Over all I am still a satisfied customer.  It may be time to accessorize.  Why does Hyde NA not carry the following products?

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