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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Estrellita and Shark Night #4

Estrellita fared well in the Irene here is a note from the captain.

Thanks again Wes,
I am already back from the coast after spending only an hour or two cleaning up a bit.  Amazingly, Estrellita suffered not so much as a single scratch even in the water with a reported 12-foot storm surge at the marina and sustained winds in excess of 75 m.p.h.   The batteries (in their original bilge location) were dry and the bilge had but a teacup of rain water. ...     (Irene's)  Center passed within 25 NM of my boat. 


Great news Paul!  It is good to hear that a Vega stood toe to toe with Irene when she was a H2,  I hope all the other Vega's did well also.  Hey Wee Happy! I see you are getting a lot of rain up there too at least the boat is dry in the keys.

Shark night number 4
 With new braid but little bait we had high hopes. We only caught one small shark tonight.  Better luck next time.  After all this weekend is survival of Irene.  

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