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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shark week night #2

Seems that shark night has turned into shark week.  Although it seems to be spread out over more than 7 consecutive days.  On night number two we caught 4 blue crabs hanging on to the bait and thought they should have a bath in some nice warm water with bath salts (Old Bay Seasoning).  This was a great change from the finned fare we have had so much of.

 We keep hoping for something bigger than 54 inches so we can feed the whole dock!

I have also just received word that one of the boats from the Wee Armada this spring is on the hard and suffering from Ship Yard Cruelty.  They may be off the water permanently but we hope for the best of their issue and are learning from it.  You can read of their tale on their blog here: The Adventures of Capt'n Rumslinger and the Dread Pirate Trevor.


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