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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Fisher King

Funny thing happened today...

I was on the dock, I don't really remember what I was doing at the time.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tin dancing.  He was whipping his fishing pole in little circles and twisting to the music only he could hear.  I think it was a "fish dance".  My first instinct was to tell him to stop before he fell in but, he wasn't hurting anyone or anything and was having a wonderful time.  So I started to continue with what ever I was doing.... then I noticed... NO TIN!  I called his name! No Answer. I was running to the spot I last saw him when I heard it..."Uh, Dad!"  Seams the edge of the dock was not long enough for his little ritual.  There he was trading water. Flip-Flop in one hand and his rod in the other.   I recovered the Flip -Flop and asked about the other since I didn't see it.  "It's on my toe" he responded.  Once he was free of his gear he calmly swam to the nearest boat with dive platform and lifted himself out of the water. ROTFLMAO!  What a trooper! and wisely found a way out of the water.  Also learned how easy it is to fall off the dock!  This adventure may save me telling him a thousand times "Stop before you fall".  Sorry didn't have the phone on my to take pictures.  He is now the "Fisher King"

Trolling as dad rows!

But in other news...  We (I) rowed out to Birdie Island as Tin calls it fishing yesterday.  On the way to the Hathaway Bridge we had a couple lines out trolling.  Yes while I rowed.  My reel started to sing and Tin asked to reel it in.  Another small shark.  This time it hit a white Calcutta swim shad.  Over by the bridge we caught too many catfish and a couple of lizard fish!  I would love to catch some fish that don't have terra based names!

A Dinghy from no name lounge came to our "rescue".  They saw us doing odd maneuvers and wanted to make sure everything was okay.

Also the night before the girls came over and his mom caught a shark also

We keep missing Jaws! One day the Fisher King will land him!

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