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Friday, September 23, 2011

Road Survival

Well Tin Man survived a road trip.  I usually put on 2000 miles in a 3 day trip, this one was small with around 1500.  His last real road trip with me was to Disney. That one was easy, 8.5hrs and 10 days of fun before the return trip.  Long trips are mentally relaxing and soothing for the spirit.  When you go alone.

Man! they grow fast, yes he was a long haired hippie freak two years ago

Tuesday morning I was preparing to go and get documentation for his passport.  About 5 minutes into that I woke him up and said "Get ready!."   Thirty minutes later we were on the road in a rental car headed SOUTH!  Then after 5 hours on the highway and just as we got to I-95 we changed and headed NORTH!  No real reason just the traffic was too slow on that ramp!   We spent the night in Charleston, SC.

About 11am Tin asked if we could stop in and see some of his friends from his old school.  (Another Change in plans).  Recalculations.  Call to friends and family and we had a new plan.  Stop in Asheville to see his friends and his grandparents along with some of my old friends.  We found out on the way that one of his buddies was just arriving at the beach in SC as we left Charleston..  After logging on the net and finding a number and some phone tag later we hooked up with another of his friends for ice cream.  I think we averaged 82 mph from Charleston to Asheville to see his grandparents before they left back to TN.   His grand parents are great, they are kind of wham bamm thank you mamm, types.

Then it was time for him to meet some of my friends from the old work place.  I think his head is two sizes too big now!  They all commented on his star status on the blog!  The fact that people knew of his exploits boosted his ego!  Not like it needed it!.  Thanks guys nice to see you!  Hell I even said "Hi Robert, Bye Robert" as I walked by.  I still owe some of you some souvenirs.  RICK where were you! and thanks for the Honey!
Someone has been eating the Wheaties!

Just in case you are missing the fishing pics here you go!
 Spanish Mackerel caught with a Gotcha
More Flounder

PS.  Dana Smith, my best friend, just started the sale of her first book!  You can pre-order it here...  http://19reasons.com/books.html  for only $11.95 plus S&H.  Look for her at a signing near you!  The crew of s/v Gemini Dreams are so proud of her!  Love Ya!

Princesa de la Sirena and Madre de Piratas

PS.   Matt Rutherford is currently 100 days into a North-South circumnavigation around the world in an Albin Vega just like mine.  NON STOP1  I  have added the link below the heading until the journey is complete in honor of the attempt!  I'll take windy days in Florida any day over Cold Arctic Air and rain. 

You can donate to his cause on his site

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