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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Feliz Navidad 12-24,25,26

The Snow Princess, my beautiful daughter

With my parents being in TN and most of my relatives being far, far away we were prepared to be on the boat watching Home Alone or something for the Holidays.  How ever The Fisher King has another side to his family life.  They extended not only an invitation to him for the Christmas Eve family get together but also for me.  I was so happy to be involved with this, A Cuban Christmas.

The Sharks

As Spanish rang through the air at a tempo I could not even try to follow the lights blinked and twinkled.  Not just the little lights on the tree but the neons, disco lights and the glow off the Elvis Presley memorabilia.  By no means is this a negative.  I thought the cultural mix and a gathering room I would expect the youth in the room to want as an afternoon retreat.  Cousins and uncles and grandmas oh my!  So many names!  But so many familiar faces from a couple years back at the Thanksgiving day celebration I attended just across the street.

One for his mom,    The Boy Boys,    One for is sister.

Our buffet consisted of pulled port, Cuban sandwiches, black beans and rice and on and on.  Everything was great.  I feel so lucky that both my kids are so loved by this side of their family.

Thank you!  Thanks Jordan for you and your family being part of us.

iPhone 3 in low light doesn't make a good photo.

 Oh you would so loose at that snow ball fight!


More winds approaching gale force today as we catch up on our blog (12-26).  We should head south tomorrow after the rain we are getting.

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