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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Navigation By Star Dust and Swamp Mist. 12-13-12

After running a few errands today we shoved off, departing the Emerald City.  For the beginning of the "End of the World" Cruise.  Have you noticed the papers say it is the begging of a new year, century or whatever and are playing down the long touted "End of the World".  Just like the hypocrites!  Trying to take all the fun out of MY sarcasm by back peddling on their beliefs.  Oh well we can still have a party!

Yes it was cold today!

Back to the sailing adventure.   We motor sailed through St Andrews and East Bay making way.  As we approached the narrowing intercoastal at Wetappoo Creek our Lowrance locked up as we went to change it to night vision.  Yes as the sky became black with the new moon we had no chart plotter.  After powering it down it would not go past the start up screen. No matter how many times we tried it would only show us what model it was and some fish on the back ground screen.

Our first sunset of the "End Of The World Cruise!" Just before the lights went out

As the Fisher King steered toward the last flashing light I pulled one of our back up plans out.  Another Lowrance that I use in the car.  It has a base map and kept us in the channel instead of following a winding dead end.  It didn't take long before we were using the tree tops as our chart plotter instead of that base map.  With no light from the moon the sky was just bright enough to reflect on the water ahead and lead the path.  The tri-light gave enough light to allow shadows on high points on the north bank.  Often we could not see or distance the right bank.  This being okay knowing where the danger on one side was.

After relaxing into the rhythm I was finally able to see what the Fisher King had been for over an hour.  "There's one!  There's one!  That way!"  he continued to shout.  He had been watching multiple shooting stars.  He could see the Milky Way and the planets.

Then the mist came!  Dampness drifting across the water.  Making everything wet and COLD!  It also brought back memories of "The Legend Of Boggy Creek".  We could no longer see the right bank even with the spot light.  We thought of anchoring for the night but the double length barge that crosses this stretch kept us from anchoring on the side of the channel.  Then if would open up and be clear again.  Clear as a dark night can be.  The mist continued to drift in and out of our path.  Then something off the starboard side caught my attention.  First it was the devils horns.  I assume it was the roots of a tree.  Second it was a tree, the trunk and roots breaking the water as it slowly drifted down the channel.  Finally on the port was another root ball too close for comfort.  It was at this time we ran out of gas.

As I refilled the tank I realized we were finally at the intersection just before White City Free Dock.  Knowing we were this close I chose to press on the final mile. Finally, safely tied up out of the current, it was time to get warm!


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