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Friday, July 5, 2013

A Tap Tap Tap Came The Rain Oh So Dreary Such A Weary Day But To Be Wondurous In The Dark Of Eve

We spent most of the afternoon staring at the sky.  Clicking on the iPhone to view the radar and trying to decide where we would watch some fireworks.  I love fireworks.  A little after 4 we headed off to Mad Beach to check out the festivities and meet the other half of the family.  We were first on the beach and watched the dark clouds roll in as we informed the other end of the phone "Dark clouds but no rain on the radar".  I sent a text a little later "Raindrops".  We had moved to a picnic table when suddenly there was silence.  The random mishap of non organized tunes piped in over the stage's system was stopped due to rain.  Nothing other than a "Test, test, test" and barking of change this and that ever gave us a hint at a live performance.

Promo'd as The Biggest Tiki Bar on the Sand was a standard event tent with grass beach mats skirting the fold up tables.  But at least they had Captain Morgan and real Margaritas (kind of) for $6.

As the Fisher King and I sat at the picnic table at Archibald Park waiting raindrops kept tapping our feet.  Evaluating the clouds and radar I called and asked if they had eaten yet.  With a yes the Fisher King and I went to Subway since we had not.  Better to be inside with food than in a rainstorm if it was about to hit.  As I paid for our sub I sent another text "It's raining".  This was followed by a simple response "Ass!"  Seems the girls got caught in the downpour that was developing and we not too happy with me.  With our choice to go to Subway we were mostly dry except for our shoes and where we sat on the picnic table.  But they were not,  the girls were mostly just short of soaked.

The Fisher King caught a ride (forced submission by his mother) so that he didn't cross the bay in a little dinghy during a lightening storm.  I took the dinghy across the bay, picked him up, received my lecture on lightning and puttered off toward s/v Gemini Dreams.  Still only wet on the flip flops and where we sat on the picnic table and now the dinghy seat.  The Fisher King tried once again to take some great lightning photos from a sailboat as I watched random fireworks along the beach.  We had given in and now waited to see if the fireworks were cancelled due to everyone else getting drenched in the rain.

Persistant is the Fisher King

Yes there is a pirate ship in this unsteady photo

As we sat on the cabin a few minutes before 9 (start of the fireworks) the bridge opened and the firework barge came through.  As the crane lowered The Fisher King asked if they were going to "Joust" with the other boats.  (long crane arm in front of barge looked like a lance)  It was finally at this point we realized the barge was not returning to the sea wall at the city building.  Instead they were trying to set up in the channel a couple hundred yard from our boat.  It took over 30 minutes before they decided on the final location and gave us an up close and personal show starting at 10pm.

Opening fireworks

 we would need to move the Fisher King to land and a tripod to get crisp pictures.

Okay we learned of the shortcomings of off the hip low light recording.

We wish the photos and videos were much crisper but at least there was a reason to post on the blog.

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