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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

House Of The Rising Son and Boys To Men

Many things have come and gone and while we are no where close to a house in New Orleans sometimes boys can't wait to be men.  The Fisher King grows ever so rapidly into his future that it is hard to keep up.  Listening to him plead his case in such a logical way to achieve his goals is warming.  His entrepreneurial skills are excellent and he doesn't understand why lawyers and governments will not let him make his adventures because he is too young.  After all, Carnegie started work at 13, Buffet started work at 13, Walton did newspapers too, Trump bottles, and Jobs was an intern at 13.  His current "mind-full" project is to combine a large lizard and a bird to create a winged dragon that he can sell.  But of course laboratories and other things are hard to come by on a 27 foot boat.  Where does this bring us today?  To the point that my little man is growing up, The Fisher King is speeding past the beginning of his Wikipedia history.  One day when we look his name up it will show possibly "Selling seashells by the sea shore" as his occupation at 11.  But for now the struggles with which a young boy can make money is foremost in his mind.

Today on the blog he receives the honor bestowed upon him even before his birth.  The Fisher King has out grown his nom de plume and forth coming will be known as he has to his friends and family as Ayrton.

Dad did you really post that picture?!!! Really?
I'm too old for this!

We are only a few days away from starting our 3rd year of Boatschool.  And we have survived the ordeal.  I actually don't think he would have it any other way now.  He has learned to be self teaching, self learning.  From this point he will be able to resolve anything he needs to know in the future.  

His logical, biased delivery of facts and his adorable ability to make me smile has won him a battle in the 3 year war over pets on board.  He has researched, on his own, the life, needs, habitat, food, costs, and more than I have cared to listen to about Birds and lizards for months.  Trying to get me to give in.  Every time I have said maybe or possibly it has resulted in an escalation of the attempt.  Like a maybe or possibly to a parakeet would end up as a Conure, no a Parrot, no a Macaw, no a Cockatoo, no a Red Hawk (yes he even looked into falconry and it's 2 year apprentice ship), no an Owl, no Osprey, no a... what do you mean I can't get a bird you said...I could.  Then there was the Anole, Gecko, and 20 others between the start and the Chinese Water Dragon at the end.  

So a couple nights ago I asked "Ayr?"  He responded with, "Yes" and I just couldn't go any further.  After a few minutes and a deep breath or ten and a long sigh.  I continued with "Ayr, do you want a cat?"  Needless to say his world went crashing into oblivion.  Random words and partial sentences like But... Why... You said... I Thought... came from his bewildered face.  After just a few minutes the freight train that is now CAT was starting to chug along within his brain.  (I''m sorry but as I type this all I can think about at this moment is "I'm going to get a cat!  I think I can! I think I can!" must have been running behind those eyes)  Then in his best bewildered calm gown up voice he said.  But I thought you would never let me get a cat and you would through it overboard or use it for shark bait or tell me it fell off the boat or...  I stopped him and said, "Ayr,  I would much rather have a cat crawl across my head at 2am than an iguana with 3 inch claws."  "It would be better for him also."   So here we are 90% sure we will soon have a cat on board.  We are just ironing out the details like short hair and "It must leave when you leave".  His first thought was a Siamese and he has even been pushing Craigslistings in my face.  


I can't believe you posted that pic!

The things we do for our children!

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