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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Post Apocalyptic McNuggets

We as a lot of other cruisers often spend time at the local McD's.  Too much time probably, but they get us to buy their processed pasteurized dehydrated frozen post apocalyptic survival food.  Today in line was pretty much like every other day in line.  You know, one of the top things public school is designed to teach us, WAIT!  I was in minute number 8 since completing my order about minute number 14 of the process.  I had made it down to the NEXT position. When you could almost here the needle lifted of the record player.

Someone in the "order here" line had a coupon.  The person behind the register stared at it blankly for about 45 seconds then called the almost manager that was to try up my "next" food to come and stare at the coupon.  There they were staring back and forth at the coupon, then the register then each other in an endless loop.  After about 2 minutes with shrugs of shoulders the original person behind the register now stood motionless staring at the customer.  The almost manager took the coupon over to the more manager than her that had been bagging for drive through.  Now he stood there starring in unison with the almost manager at the coupon holding a  half filled frozen drink.  This was almost another 2 minutes with "We don't have that." "We don't do that"  I don't know how to do that" and various other comments non related to customer service and satisfaction.  Mean while the whole front counter was at a stand still as even the drive through was backed up to where a new order could not be taken.  At this time another somewhat manager tapped the almost manager on the shoulder and pointed at our tray.  The almost manager nodded but returned to the more manager and continued to conspire.  Once again the somewhat manager returned from the back line and tapped the almost manager on the shoulder and pointed at our tray.  The almost manager nodded and asked the more manager "why is everyone always on me?"  "Because you're as slow as molasses!" (trying not to use the F word)  I couldn't help it as my thought slipped out and a couple of other people waiting behind me laughed. Finally they had a consensus and with a couple words to the waiting customer they settled on winging the coupon and moving on with the day.

So for 5 minutes at 11:45 am the record stopped playing at McD's in Marathon due to a coupon.  They decided that instead of training their register person to handle a little situation on her own they must have complete control within the managerial community.  They failed to train their managers to make an instant decision.  Of course it ticked me off.  But it also did the 7 people behind me that had already ordered.  The person they treated as trying to pass of a counterfeit coupon.  Damn coupon fraud!  "That Big Mac will break us!" they could hear from the condescending real managers.  Then there were the people in line for Thursday lunch that had not even ordered yet.  The length of that line was approaching the door.  With the final decision made it only took 5-6 seconds for the almost manager to talk to the customer and push a button.

Now with a crackle pop scratch all was in motion at 33rpm again as this McD's doesn't have a 45 or 78 setting.  We finally had our chicken sands and fries in front of us.  Now we only had our soda before our fries get cold.

Are there really no independent thinkers anymore?  Can no one make a decision anymore?  Restaurants are too worried about their percentages of the little money they make instead of the lot of money they could make by delivering what is expected.  Or even more by going above and beyond.  Oh the things we do for free WIFI!

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  1. Sounds a lot like where I work. The bosses all micro-manage the lower levels to be more "involved" with what's going on in day to day operations. All it does is piss everyone else off.