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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Taxi Rides.

After the fiont passed and stated to wind down t under 20 knts we pulled the anchor and headed for the last few miles of the ICW.  All the Miserableness of if, the Miserable Mile.

mm 1 complete with 15 knt cross wind and rain.

As we approached the bridge in San Carlos Bay I asked the crew if they wanted to go to the keys or Publix. "Publix!" was the answer and our day was cut short at four miles.  Well 13 didn't seem to care.  We anchored on the south east side of the bridge just as the rain subsided.

Our next issue was to cross the large shallow bank between us and the shore.  It was near low tide and the exposed bar took us about half a mile before we could cross.   The wind was rolling over to the east more and pushing us in the correct direction.  Perhaps too much in that direction as we found a small cut and tried to cross.  The port oar caught on something in the sand and the wind pushed us on top of it breaking the blade on the oar.  Good think we still had a spare blade.

Once on shore and in the grove we tied the dinghy to the roots and started to walk the mile and a half to publix

The great taxi cab rip off.  We decided to take a cab ride back from Publix instead of packing the load the whole way back..  The ride from Publix in Marathon to the Marina is 4-5 bucks depending on the cab company so we withdrew $12.  More than enough to go less than 2 miles, or so we thought.

When the cab finally arrived after about 40 minutes we were glad to set off.  It was at the first red light that I realized things were amiss.  The cab driver had taken us for a grand tour of the parking lot, the full loop around.  Then he took us out the wrong (illogical) exit.  This put us stopped at a long light ringing up quarters on the meter.  That is where he told us that the address we gave him was wrong and that was not the road's name.  I just told him to turn left at the light and pull over to the left just past the two buildings on the left.  We passed the road sign reaffirming our address.  Then gave him a "heads up" before the left turn.  He refused to turn!  He then merged into the right lane and we asked to be let out "Here!".  He refused.  Farther up the road he pulled into the last place to turn around before the toll bridge.  We demanded he let us out here before he sat through another long light.  He finally did and we ended up walking about a half mile back to the dinghy.  By now he ran us up to $12 for a $7 cab ride and was trying to get us to $14 or more.

Then next day we headed off toward the keys with less wind.


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  1. I had a cab driver do the same thing to me in Bogota Colombia. I knew the way to where I wanted to go and he went a few extra blocks before making a turn and going back the other way on a different street to get to my destination. They're trying to get more out of the ride to make it "worth it". Big nuisance to say the least.