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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Key West 2014

Our yearly Key West trip didn't follow the standard plan this year.  First we took Ben and Darren from s/v Liberty with us.  Ben was on a mission to buy a Mercury 3.5 from a guy in the Key West Anchorage that was posted on the City Marina "for sale" board.  After the compulsory photo at the "Southern Most Point" and a cold coconut later we made it to Sloppy Joe's for lunch.  A little more playing tourist and we made it to Garrison Bight dinghy dock.  There  chained to the dock was the little Mercury.  It looked awesome for the $350 asking price.

City on a hull. Damn this boat is big.

The colors of key west

screen shot of Darren and I on Sloppy Joe's web cam

 I now have new victims for the "tourist photos" 
since Ayrton thinks he is too old.

Motor deal going down

Done deal now to pack it to the bus stop

Key West dock to Marathon dock

Crazy bus ride with an outboard

Off to the dinghy races.

The view from the lead boat.

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  1. Are you sailing Exuma sound or in the lee of the Cays?