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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pink Elephants and Lemonade Seranades

A few days ago our cabin fan started it's biannual self disintegration.  It sporadically gets noisier and one night when the wind isn't blowing and the humidity is passing one hundred percent creating a layer of dew drenching the whole of our boat it will groan loudly.  At this point the termination of the noise becomes the primary thought even though knowing farther rotations will possibly never happen.  Then all is quiet.  The wind scoop is dangling with the weight of the forming mist.  The droplets on the bug screen looks like Charlotte can't spell in the moon light.  We are at the mercy of the sea mist and it's hidden monsters for the evening.

For two nights a slight breeze and daily cloud cover kept the Hydra's slime at bay.  Last night, with the heat of the cabin from the cooking flame and my internal temp rising from dinner, the third night became unbearable.  I retreated to the cockpit amid the gallon jugs of cool water.  Slowly dowsing one slowly over my head I could hear it.  Was it a Siren calling me?  Was the heat getting to me?  As the waterfall flowed over my head my body began to cool and the lower tone of the song came through.  It was not a Siren but a Lonely Drunken Pirate singing a shanty.  It's indiscernible lyrics were only non-harmonic verbalized thoughts in the night.  It's melody not recognizable.  The poor soul had been into the Kraken Lemonade one or more times too often.  I could only laugh for as soaked as I was I was in much better shape than he.  Pink Elephants and Pigs on the Wing, may his sunset be better tomorrow.

In a glass squeeze two lemons.  Add 2oz of honey syrup (1oz honey/ 1 oz water).  Add 3oz Kraken and shake with some ice cubes.  Add a splash of that carbonated water from the Soda Stream.


Sitting here after typing this I am so glad we are cruising and not living on land.  For it the above had taken place on land instead of a laugh.  Someone would be pounding on the walls, calling the cops, or even worse.  Live and let live!  People need to express themselves in joy and sadness.  Everyone need not conform.  Don't worry, be happy.


  1. Hey! This is Diane with the m/v Archimedes, the solar boat. We met in Madeira Beach. It looks as though we might have been in Boot Key Harbor at about the same time. Sorry we didn't run into you and you son. We are currently in Key Largo for a few days layover before continuing up the east coast. Where are you guys now?

  2. We sailed from Boot Key to Bahia Honda this morning.