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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Recent Sail Quotes...Albin Vega...Part 5...The Stacker Quest

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Recent Sail Quotes part 5, you are here.

Stacker Hyde Sails Canada

This grand adventure for new sails wouldn't be complete with out the "icing on the cake".  When I purchased the mainsail from Judy at Hydesailsdirect.com I discussed the option of a stacker.  Stacker is the name Hyde sails have given to their version of the stack pack. Judy gave me a quote of $679 delivered on 7-29-2015. 

One of the main reasons I liked Hyde's version was due to the removable front mast cover.  This allows me to leave the stack pack in position if I make a short sail while island hopping.  I also takes away the inevitable "strap the fore part down or it flaps the whole sail".  The fact that the Saluda Admiral material and Hyde logo were an exact match for the genoa sun cover was a second plus. The included 1/4 lines for the lazy jack system do need upgraded if I had a complaint at this point.

Well damn it!  Judy and Hydesailsdirect.com are still on sailabout!  Good for her, bad for me.

  • 7-2-18 +-  Judy was still sailabout. Sent form requesting Stacker info at Hyde Sails USA.
  • 7-10-18.  Emailed all three contacts listed on Hyde Sails USA.

    "Is it possible to get a few accessories through you and complete my sail plan?  I have continued to check Hydesailsdirect.com but Judy is still on sailabout.  I have used the form on Hydesails US and Hydesails CA but have not received a response.

    I am needing a stacker and a small black round spinnaker launch bag.  I am also curious of the availability of some other items als."

  • 7-13-18. I received a question from The Sail Group asking, "Are you looking for a stack pack cover for your mainsail?"
  • 7-13-18. I sent a response, "Yes I purchased a main from hydesailsdirect.com that needs a stack pack after my cover finally bit the dust. Could I get a quote please, 11 foot boom. Admiral color. I can give all dimensions if you give me a list."  I have not receive a response.
  • 7-20-18+-  Called and left message at Hyde Sails USA, message, no response.
  • 8-01-18.  Filled out a couple of other Hyde Sails online forms in Europe asking if they would ship to USA. No response.  Hyde Sails Canada didn't have an online form and most of my thinking happens around midnight.
  • 8-09-18. Called Hyde Sails Canada. Spoke to Ken Forsyth.  Explained asked if he could ship to USA.  He could not without jeopardizing his Hyde account due to territories.  After discussing why I ended up calling him he took my number and said he would make a call for me.
  • 8-09-18. One hour and 8 minutes later Peter Conrad from Sobstad Sails called.  Over the next few days we talked and emailed.  I waited for a measurement form from Hyde Sails to be sent to him.  Once that was done and emailed back.  He requested verification by having the measurement for the reefing measured from the opposite end of the boom than originally requested.  He then requested verification of the boom track size. From my experience with Judy, I emailed pictures of my notes and the tape measure held in a couple of spots which took care of the rest.  
  • 8-13-18. Received quote for price and details.  FOUR HUNDRED THIRTY SIX DOLLARS!  I was expecting somewhere north of $850 using the main sail as a reference. 
  • 8-16-18. Sent last pictures and measurements of the boom from my initial mainsail order.
  • 8-22-18. Sent Peter an email asking if we were in design phase or productions because I had not been asked for payment yet.  There was always an initial, middle and final payment with Hydesailsdirect.com.
  • 8-22-18. Peter's reply, "The order is in. Sobstad controller,Amanda Germond, will email you for permission to charge the card when the cover is dispatched. And Amanda will send you tracking information as soon as she has it."  Wait! You are making the cover without payment?
  • 9-05-18. Amanda sent an email, " Please find your UPS tracking...please provide me your approval to charge $436."  Wow, they made the cover, sent the cover, hooked me up on the price, have been great to deal with, and they did this all before they got paid.  Damn! Damn good customer service!  
  • 9-07-18. Stacker arrives in Admiral Saluda with Hyde logo.  I payed Sobstad.  I also sent a thank you email to Peter at Sobstad.
  • 9-17-18. I finally get the Stacker installed. 
What started out as a journey into no one caring about my little Albin Vega ended up being just what I needed in the end.  I can not thank Ken Foryth at Hyde Sails Canada, Peter Conrad at Sobstad Sails, and Mark Wilkenson from Hyde Sails UK for rectifying my inability to get a Stacker from Hyde Sails USA.

With this, the 5th part of my "Recent Sail Quotes...Albin Vega" series, I conclude the adventure into replacing my sails.  There are a couple of other related postings to come. Those will include topics such as reefing, furling and handling. 

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