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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mid July and the Heat is on....

Nothing really going on other than a few projects (running rigging, LED nav lights,Cockpit sole) and a few fish.  The bay water is so hot that the bite has gone away.  The fish are wanting live bait or nothing but keeping the bait alive in this heat is not so easy.

A few strikes on the artificial stuff are far between.
Flounder for dinner!

Another flounder dinner.

Black Sea Bass, yes another fish dinner.

Sushi! and just in case you wonder we have had some hot dogs and burgers to balance out the menu.

Panama City! The junk grows fast here.  This is less than two months!

Tuesday we head out in the Gulf for some bottom fishing and trolling.  Hope to land some Red Snappers, Groupers and maybe some Mahi if we get that far off shore.


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