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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th to all those that I have met on the journey, follow the blog, or soon will cross paths with.  It is an amazing thing the generosity of people when they are not required or committed to be helpful.  From Tom who offered to chauffeur me to the sail loft and then offered more when I couldn't find my credit card, to everyone that helped get Kevin's boat off the bank after a 50 knt blow in Boot Key, To those that lend a wrench or forward and email, To those that offer security of companionship when even for a short time your paths cross or run parallel.  But to that Wee little boat with the Fire breathing, flame dancing, weaving, blogging, island hopping crew on board that was there in the midst of the night and the wee hours of the morn and at the end of the phone as my boat sat open to a blow, Miss you guys! (Hope the Yurt and land are going better).


NSA, CNIC, NCSS, NCSC or anything else it has been called since I started coming to Panama City KICKED off the 4th of July weekend starting on Thursday night (June 30th).  One thing about this town, it loves it's fireworks. Tin and I have had nightly fireworks every night since, and we are not talking about "I got them at Wal-mart!" either. Tonight should be the big show at the City Marina and out at Pier Park.

4th of July cook out at Sun Harbor

If all goes well Halloween is the departure date for heading south.  This year the Bahamas for sure!  

Boat cakes.  Serving in a bowl is so much better onboard.

enjoying Books and Lady GaGa in the V-birth, lol

Fair winds,

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