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Monday, July 25, 2011

Mid summer....

It has been two weeks almost since the last post.  Must be boring around here.  Not really, more like too much to do.  My Cowl and Dorade project hit a bump in the road.  Seems that the ABI vents that I have may not have anymore plates to connect them to the dorade.  I may have to bite the bullet and buy a whole new set at $190.00 which would suck.  That project is dying to be finished!   Then there is the mid boom sheeting project which is waiting on Harken for some curved track.  Then there is the winches on the cabin roof and replacing the winches on the comings.  The cockpit sole.  Keeping the bottom scrubbed in this Emerald City of boat growth.  Getting the mast hounds changed and the Tri-light working.  Replacing the steaming light.   Do we need a refrigerator?  Strip and varnish the teak and mahogany.   And get ready for serious home schooling.  Anyone want to volunteer for a project.

So with all the above requiring my attention Mr. Impatient Tin had to improvise and start snorkeling 101 in the rain filled dinghy.  The new mask and snorkel was more than he could resist. 

 yes it rained that much in 3 days 

Snorkeling 102 at the Hathaway beach.  Newly acquired fins.

He needs 4 more 100 scores on his math to earn the "dry" snorkel and 30 more "A's" to get a surprise.  He even volunteered for a hair cut to help keep the mask clear!  Now we need a pool to get snorkeling 103 complete, dive and recover.  

 By the time he gets to the Lower Keys and the Bahamas he will be an expert.

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