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Monday, October 17, 2011

Project 7 complete...Project 0 making headway, project 18 almost complete!

Project 7:  Well after staring at a new Standard Horizon VHF for months (16+-) I have finally installed it and removed the old Uniden.  I will donate it to the community table at the marina.  Once all the Lowrance is up and going I will enable the DSC on the Standard Horizon.  Funny how 4 screws and 3 wires can lead to such procrastination.

Both Lowrance units and GPS antennae waiting for final wire runs

Project 18:  Another item that moved on board with me last year was a Lowrance GPS/Sounder with Radar capabilities.  While camped out here in PC I have managed to get the transducer epoxied into the hull and the wiring rough ran.   Seems I need another foot on the transducer (or a different route) and I definitely need more feet on the GPS antennae.  The biggest hold up on the completion of Project 18 is buying more overpriced proprietary wires.  A NEMEA starter kit, 6' NEMEA wire and a GPS extension should do it...or in another text...$200+ bucks!  The final mounting of the "Mother Unit" is waiting for me to decide the route I will take for project 9, the Dodger.  For now we can tie it down and see our position and FISH.

Project 0:  I have also back tracked and am working hard on Project 0.  Project 0 is the storage on s/v Gemini Dreams.  I have taken one of the diagrams of the Vega and labeled all the compartments I needed.  This diagram will correspond to a spread sheet saved on all computers. a hard copy and in our email.  This is in an attempt to get things stowed!
Lots of places to loose things aboard

Last year I moved aboard with way too much stuff.  Now that Tin is here and has his needs too, things have become even more disorganized.  I am tired of too many items without homes!  With this I can categorize items and store them DEEP into the boat.  Items that are for non emergency repair can be buried under food storage or daily items.  I would hate to have to buy a new block if one fails because I can't find the ones I have.  This will allow much more dense packing freeing up more room in daily use areas.  After living 10 months on the boat I hope my location decisions prove to be wise.

Emergency repair items easy reach
Wet with Wet
Dry with Dry
Daily use readily available
monthly use shallow
yearly use deep in the hold

The Fisher King needs a laptop to surf the net and do his school work on!  His was damaged beyond repair a couple weeks ago when the screen shattered.  If you precariously live through the life of a 10 year old that gets to sail and fish freely in today's world please help!  He is a sad little boy.  We are not asking for your cash just your old laptop.  If you have a spare email us for the correct address of the moment.

If you are looking for adventure try out the s/v Wee Happy crew on board s/v Way Happy!


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