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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Running With The Bulls...

No we haven't crossed over to Pamplona, Spain or even purchased a Lamborghini Murceilago to "Run with those bulls" either.  This story is about Bull Redfish and the Fisher King!   With life on board replicating life on land for the last few months off shore sailing and fishing was nil.  Even though the bull redfish were on the channel markers the logistics of fishing and holding/drifting through the channel or abouts were not appealing.   We had been to the bridge several times catching a few fish including the Cobia but still all summer long produced no redfish from out adventures.  Yesterday one of the "locals" at the dock brought in 3 redfish from the bridge.  They had been caught on the much abundant pinfish swimming around the dock.

So today we launch Tin Tin Boo Boo from the resting place on the dock and off we (I) row to the bridge.  Seems like we spent a couple hours with the anchor down in a few places waiting for the first bite then...  Tin's rod bent over!   He set the hook and started to reel!  The excitement filled the air.  He had hooked the bottom. Yes it was a pretty pink soft coral or fan fragment that he landed.  That was the only bite we have had.

The Fisher King with his first Bull Red!  (yes he had a hair cut)

No that we had been on an 8 foot dinghy for a while with 5 fishing rods and gear the little man was starting to get aggravated.  "This isn't any fun" didn't take much longer.   His request for shallower water became more and more.  He had just watched the "Sportsman's Best Red Fish" video and knew that the chances in the grass may be good and we had the tackle on board.

I started rowing against the current heading toward the "spot" where I caught the Cobia earlier this summer.  The more I rowed the more the current seemed to slow us down.  Then knowing we would be leaving soon I decided to row out to the power line tower.  We had stared at this structure on almost every trip across the bridge and especially on all the fishing trips under the bridge.  Today was the day.

It wasn't too much longer and I was slipping the anchor on the steel bar attached to the side of the concrete monstrosity.  Drifting back about 12 feet to keep out of the firing range of the feathered guards.  We now call the tower the "Bird Cage".   We had two pinfish down and I was casting a Gulp shrimp underneath.  Still no bites not even on the shrimp!  My back was to Tin and suddenly "Dad, Dad!" rang out from the stern of the little boat.  As I turned around his rod was almost touching the water.  You should try to catch a fish half your size in a boat twice your size,  obviously it can be done but it sure makes balance a necessity.

Once the red was abeam Tin Tin Boo Boo we could see that it was over the slot.  I pulled it on board to take the photo for the blog and history.  Trying to get the big fish balanced in his hands was also a challenge then.. there the perfect frame...Damn! the iphone overheated in the sun! It will not take a pick!  So we made our way back to the other camera with fish in tow.


Now off for more Bull Reds and some to eat.

PS:  We ended up with a cooler stocked for the next few days

Day one: Blackened Redfish while listening to New Orleans Cajun radio on the WIFI.  A classic moment
Day two: New Orleans Seafood Delight,  Spicy pasta Alfredo topped with blackened redfish and shrimp.
Day three:  Grilled Orange Ginger Redfish and brocoli
Day four:  Hmmm Grilled or Blackened sandwiches maybe.
Day five:  Mushroom, pineapple, pepper, pepperoni pizza from Papa John's! lol

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