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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Morgan's Bluff, Second rate paradise 3-18-2012 part one

Lions, Lobsters and Grouper Oh My! It is time for a holiday.

Everyone seems to rate Morgan's Bluff as a second rate Bahamas Anchorage. What we found is on the surface it is run down, and ill kept. To us it became a paradise. Lion fish, Lobster, Grouper every day, or at least some mix of the aforementioned. There are 3 sunken boats at the water dock covered in lion fish near the bottom. If we only had some cream cheese the Fisher King would want Lion Fish Sushi. The second floor Yoga that Wee Happy found last year is desolate. There are only two other boats now as the Island Packets and the Morris have left. It is a quite anchorage and peaceful.

Here we have had Conch Salad (why is it conch salad if shrimp is cevichi?). Conch Fritters, Grouper grilled and blackened, and that wonderful lobster. If there was only a grocery nearby. We don't need the much just some fresh veggies and cream cheese for sushi. The Fisher King loves his cream cheese sushi.

Have you ever noticed that even on a small boat you often loose the items you need at the moment? It can be compared to not finding an item in the closet the first two times you look. An example would be our tenderizing mallet. Found the next day just where the Fisher King was looking when we needed it. Just for reference a hole saw and a flat hammer or substitute will work on the conch. Also today I wanted the LA hot sauce for the cevichi, I mean conch salad, but it is missing too. We will find it tomorrow or the next day. Also one other item is a large dry bag stuffed with Gulp fishing lure. I checked the lazerettes three times and sent the King to the V-birth twice. Sitting here today eating the conch salad I looked at the Fisher King and asked “What is that?” as I pointed to the end of the dry bag hanging out of the V-birth. So goes life.  Good new is the mallet has returned also.  I wonder if we have gremlins tying to play jokes on us.

First Lobster!

One lion fish down 825,384,017 to go!

We chose to stay for a few days after seeing the lobsters. We were at a cross roads so to speak. Fourteen days left in lobster season. We could spend 2-3 days going to the Exumas and not find any there once we arrived, or we could stay here and test our ability to retrieve them from the bottom of the ocean. We chose to stay and enjoy the lobster season or at least what is left of if.  This is the first time I had serious dinghy envy. If we had a motor we could have went far out to the islands of Morgan's and looked for more lobster. But at a cost of a second motor, registration and gas use.

Dinner anyone?
Grouper Oh My!

We need a new spot as the one we are using has surrendered 5 lobster in the last 3 days and a few lion fish. If I could only get that large Mangrove Snapper that is looming in the distance. He keeps just outside the range of a pole spear. We actually tried fishing for him but without live shrimp or at least frozen, he doesn't care what we toss out. We have found no conch here but we will get plenty in the Exumas as season doesn't run out like for lobster. (Notice: do not forget your gloves, lobsters are called spiny for a reason. Also as the Fisher King says “The spiny urchins have spikes the size of chop sticks)

One day she will stop eloping, hopefully it is this time!

We have been missing home a little lately. It has been over two months since we left “home”. My best friends go married this week on a road trip to NY. My daughter placed second in regional softball. We are definitely living in our own little world and missing our family. Love you and miss you Boo!

I will try to post a date in the heading also as we have found it much easier to write the blog ahead of the internet connections and just cut and past it to make things quicker. After all why sit in a marina typing a tale when you could be doing maintenance, fishing or snorkeling. Trying to upload photos in Bimini was a flash back into AOL history and here is not much better if any.

We continue to learn more about the GoPro, like charging the backpack battery is not happening with the main camera port. We have to plug in the back pack separately to get it to charge.


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