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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Morgan's Bluff, Second rate paradise 3-20 part two

Well we have still be having fun here in our paradise. The internet was down the day we arranged to communicate with home. There was a power interruption for repairs. We have also finally met Lee the “Harbor Master” and as with everyone else he quickly showed me his name in the Cruising Guide.

Snorkeling keeps producing dinner

Grilled Lobster

 Cajun Lobster Scampi and Grouper Alfredo

A snapper we gave to s/v Penelope as our cooler was stocked

Our second day here we made an attempt to find Morgan's Cave. Our trip took us out to the point and across the jagged rock formations that would have ripped any ship stranded by a storm in moments. A grounding here isn't like being beaten slowly by the washing of the waves on a sandy shore. To be washed ashore here is like running your boat through a wood chipper. The seas have kept us from trying the “cliff jumping” that others have been able to do here. Even a slip on the bluff would rip massive amounts of flesh on your way down and if you are lucky enough to land in the sea you may survive.

As we headed south along the road there was a sign. We paused and looked to our left and saw an entrance to a small cave. We didn't have a flash light with us so we made a plan to return in a day or two.

The waves have been wrapping around the break water and into the end of the harbor. This and the lack of an overpowered dinghy has been keeping us off some of the better lobster and grouper grounds. I need to break out the sail kit and actually use it to get us to some far away spots. But we have still be “scoring” dinner without traveling outside the comfort zone. The Fisher King has managed to spear a couple of Lion Fish at around 12-15 feet deep. I am debating on taking the Hawaiian sling next time to get the snapper we keep seeing but I do not want to loose the shaft on the first shot. I may keep it for later around the coral heads.

Another adventure I was contemplating was going to Uncle Henry's Blue Hole. As it turns out it is a hefty hike down the road and we are not going to rent a car for this so the Blue Hole is a bust.

We plan on being here a few more days waiting for a calming of The Tongue of the Ocean. The forecast calls for 4 days of lighter winds running the compass starting early Saturday. Our current plan is to make it to the West Bay and then on to Allen's Cay for the iguannas. From there it will be small daily sails south along the Exuma chain.

Here are some statistics that may be important to some:

Morgan's Bluff Bimini Blue Water Resort Boot Key Harbor
Gas $6.15 $6.20 $4.45
Water $0.00 $0.60 $0.05
Ice $6.00 $3.00 $1.75
Internet $0.00* $10.00* per stay $0.00
Canned Soda $1.00 $1.50 $0.75
Marina/dinghy dock NA $30.00/night** $22.00/night**
* Option of free internet at the Straw Market in Bimini, Free internet at the Bar in Morgan's Bluff current password is “freemonth” without the quotes.
** Monthly and/or Weekly discount

Also for reference we spent $62.00 (10 gal) in fuel to get from Bimini Blue Water Resort to Mackie Shoal against the current and wind! Bringing our grand total to 25 gallons so far from Marathon, FL.

Water cost/use so far: $1.80 and 20 gallons

The justification or lack of for an on board refrigerator: Total ice usage so far as of today from last dinghy ride at Marathon, FL = 14 bags / around $40.00. This included an interruption in Nixon Harbor putting us without ice for days and loosing about $60.00 in food. Total so far in loss and cost $100.

We will try our best to keep this updated every two to four weeks. I have created a page to track this here.


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