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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Entrepreneurial Adventures of the Fisher King

Entrepreneurial Adventures Of The Fisher King

The Fisher King with the medium and large conch shells

The Fisher King needed a project for Boat School so he has decided to offer a piece of the dream to those that follow our blog.  He has an abundance of Helmet Conch Shells each now for sale.  Each one collected in the Bahamas on our cruise.  These are just in time for Christmas!  They make great gifts for family and friends.  He has a few items on his wish list and the proceeds will go to make his cruising more enjoyable.  He found Helmet Conch for sale in Staniel and Highborne Cays.  Bahamas prices are $12 to $50 dollars each.  The $12 price is for the tiniest of the Helmet Conchs found in Highborne.  I don't think we have found any that tiny!  The  one he found for $50 was at Staniel Cay in the Purple Restaurant, it was the size of the one we call small.  We never found any for sale that were larger.  

He has classified them as small, medium and large.  The small being great for dreaming in the office cubical.  The medium for that place you can see when you are disagreeing with the significant other and need to escape.   The large can be the center piece and make a statement that “One Day!”  You can see photos below of the sizes compared to the tiny one from Highborne Cay.  His pricing is $20 for the small, $30 for the medium and $40 for the large. They will be cleaned, bleached and dried.   THIS ALSO INCLUDES SHIPPING!  He will even gift wrap it for $10 extra and send it box inside box.

Payment can be handled by Paypal.  Just send an email with the size requested and we can send an invoice back our next internet connection.  Or send it straight to Paypal using account hartgeh23 (at) msn.com  Shipment will commence once he is again in the US.

Tiny shell in Highborne Cay

Small conchs at $20.00 shipped 

 Medium conchs at $30.00 shipped

 Large conchs at $40 shipped

Think of it like being hit up to buy magazines, flowers or chocolate from the local school.  IF you have been entertained by his fishing stories and pictures it now a good time to pay him back.  Proceeds go to fulfill his wish list for the next cruise and next years school books, oh and of course a little ice cream.


We managed to find some more with prices and one large one with a price after starting this project.
Yes that says $80.00 in Bimini
 This smaller one in the corner was $50.00

 In Key West a small one was $26.99

This is a repost now that he is in a spot where he can reasonably make shipping and handling a reality.

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  1. I want a large one! Where do we send the payment?

    1. Hello barfwinkle and thank you for the interest in the Helmet Conchs. You can send a $40.00 payment to Paypal account hartgeh23@msn.com. Thanks for your support and for following our blogs.

      tight lines and fair weather,
      The Fisher King