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Monday, June 18, 2012

Bang Your Head, It's only the attitude that's in your Head

Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!  Well I'm...

Some times you just have to have the right tune in your head to turn a miserable time into an awesome adventure.

Bang your head
Wake the dead
We're all metal mad
It's all you have
So bang your head
And raise the dead
Oh yeah!
Metal Health
It's not too bad
Bad Bad
Quiet Riot

She Squeezed So Hard!

We left Marathon rather quickly compared to the time we would have liked to have stayed.  We had family to meet way up the coast.  We passed on the continuing adventures in the keys for some home sick remedies.  Time for the Fisher King to see his mom.   We missed returning to Bahia Honda, making it out to the Marquesas, and the long haul out to the Tortugas.  As nice as it is out there, with no spearfishing and no fishing farther than one mile from the fort it was a quick decision for the Fisher King.  

The Fisher King's Eyes Popped Out!

I will spare you the boring details of how the wind and the forecast rarely agreed and how it always seemed to be against us.  How sailing up the coast became motor sailing up the intercoastal.  How two days across the gulf became three.  How Apalachicola became east end of Dog Island. Instead I'll just post a few pictures and captions.  On the bright side we paused in St Pete long enough for him to see his aunt and grandmother.

 One last day trip to Key West.  What is he looking at?

Was that his chicken fingers walking around dinning room at The Conch Republic Seafood Company?

s/v Sjöjungfru "Mermaid" was found in St Pete, actually he found us.

 The captain called himself Brer Rabbit

We caught a half dozen Bonita outside of Johns Pass

The last sunset.

Cruising through channels gets to be boring, even a pelican covered marker feels interesting.

Boy did it rain while we were in Apalachicola!

Making the best out of a break in the rain.

Okay, I hate Lake Wimco! Seriously! it is two feet deep 15 square miles or so and the channel is LESS than 100 feet wide.  The markers are almost a mile apart!  It is a bump on the shallow side waiting to happen!  Which, while replacing the lure on a rod we lightly did!  Never slowed down just a touch and go.  I hate crossing this lake!  If it is 20 plus knots you better have extra eyes!  To top it all off some one planted a palm tree right in the middle of the channel making it less than 40 feet on either side!  

Dinner at Hunt's Oyster Bar,  "Mom will you stop!  Dad takes my picture all the time."

In our next post we will fill you in on a terrible tragedy we have had recently.  But for now let's end the cruise with a big KISS!


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