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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bahia Honda Our Favorite Little Place In The Keys

Wonder if that is our little sailboat anchored between the bridges?

Assume you received a post card from us because this is as close as we get to mailing those out.  We have not posted much on the blog to be so close to internet here in the keys.  The problem is the keys internet has been very Bahamian lately.  Slow connections, lack of hot spots and other issues like it works with a north wind but not an east wind.  

We do have a few posts laid out and almost ready to post.  Some of those are boatschool projects that need the Fisher King to Buckle down and compete.  If you haven't noticed he isn't blogging this year.  Actually I'm not blogging for both of us is more like it.   You will see some upcoming pictorial essays on Bahia Honda and Fort Zachary Taylor (soon I hope).

In the anchorage at Bahia Honda

We have been crossing paths with previous season acquaintance.  

In Bahia Honda we talked to Nancy the manager of the snack bar and Tom who helped save the day a couple years ago.  If you don't recall I ripped the head sail and Tom assisted in getting me and the sail to Islamorada and offered further help when I miss placed my on hand cash.  (I'm glad I found it rather quickly).   Tom works as a Park Volunteer and trades out a few hours work each week for his campsite.  He lives a terrible life!  All cramped up in that van, living for months in the scenic state and national parks!  Places like here in Bahia Honda, Alaska and hiking the Appalachian Trail for starters. A dry land cruiser! Enjoy life!

Tom in an uncoaxed "Emerilesqe Bam!"  Seems to be the natural reaction.

Growing chocolate!  Chocolate mint in the "Tom garden"

Tomatoes grown in the bucket garden

 Grilled Jamaican Shrimp and squash

Last year we only had a couple days at Bahia Honda and not much time to say thanks once again.  This year we managed to treat him to a grilled shrimp dinner.  Yes, our signature Grilled Jamaican Shrimp!  Shhhh! Don't tell anyone how easy it is to make Tom.

Slaving away with a sceeninc back drop and attractive coworkers!

We also just ran into Ron and Jo who follow our blog.  They were the first people I actually met here in Boot Key Harbor.  We shared a table during Super Bowl Sunday 2011.  They are aboard s/v Thyme, Hyssop & Wry a Gulfstar 36 .  (Well that is half the story (sweet & salie)).  

a quick shot of s/v Thyme, Hyssop & Wry 

We are off to do a field trip for boatschool tomorrow.  You know where you have to walk around Key West all day and take pictures while eating expensive food.  He could be freezing and staring
out a window in NY at the snow like his sister.  lol


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