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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Clicky Thumb and Grunts

Clicky Thumb as we have been calling it over the last couple of weeks in short is an inflamation on the guides around the tendon of the thumb (or fingers).   At first it was just a little click as I moved my thumb joint.  Over the next few days it became worse, making me mentally retrace all my actions over the last few weeks trying to find a reason.  Then about a week into the ouch phase I finally looked it up on the internet.  The greatest place for all us self diagnosing, not going to the doctor types.  Seems I acquired this little ailment during washing of our clothes.  (One of the main causes seems to be wringing out clothes).  I guess we have to plan on "plan B" in the future as I sit here with a brace on my left thumb.  What would our cruising season be without an ailment of some sort.

Yesterday was the day of the grunts.  For the first time since we were staying at Sun Harbor Marina we went fishing with the girls.  To make things simple we only took the dinghy across from our anchored Vega to the city park.  It afforded us a couple of docks even though our expectations of great fish were very low.  Over the next 4 hours we caught countless grunts, lady fish, baby snappers, and Amy's "day winning" little 11" flounder!  It was a great day with all of us hanging out for the day.  Too bad we didn't bring the camera or even take a single iPhone picture.


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