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Friday, February 15, 2013

Bitching About Other Cruisers

We often bitch about places and businesses but for the most part other cruisers are all good.  This brings us to our topic of the day.

Shortly before we passed Cayo Costa we were sailing, you know with the sails up.  We were coming up to marker R56A which is a Starboard (right) turn.  We were about 100 feet from it and 25 feet to the west.  A safe clearing distance.  All Good Right?  Well there was this trawler catching us and closing around 2-3 knots.  When it became apparent he wasn't going around I expected him to slow and follow us around the marker.

WRONG!  First it was the Bwonk! Bwonk! of his horn. So I motioned him to our port.  We had the main laid up against the port spreaders and if we blinked we would turn toward starboard.  This is where things get interesting.  As we cleared the marker, ready to turn he revved his engines and stuck his bow between us and the marker with another Bwonk! Bwonk!  The Fisher King came bouncing up the companion way wondering what was up.  Asking why he was soooo close.  We veered off quickly trying not to gybe the boom.  There must have been less than 6 feet from his hull to ours and a crap load of space on the other side.

Watching him over the next mile or so we could see that he was running the chart plotter to steer the boat.  Charging dead ahead toward a marker then changing course at the last minute.  Leaving massive amounts of room on the other side.

Well he is gone, we are safe, no big deal!  Strike one!

The next morning after we made it through Roberts Bay and  passing through Siests Key Bridge we had the gaining trawler squeeze through the bridge at the same time.  Passing us with a Bwonk! Bwonk!  WTF?  Strrike two!

Then as we waiting in the fog for the new schedule of the Cortez Bridge a trawler pulled anchor and sped quickly toward the bridge as it opened.  Our stern was still between the spans as the Fire Dog IV passed us once again.  Strike three!

Maybe this is the last time we cross paths with them.  We hope!


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  1. "Get no respect at all" -Rodney Dangerfield

    Dangerous habits that guy has. About as bad as some people who follow their GPS on the highway. Almost seems like he was just looking for trouble.