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Monday, January 24, 2011

In the water...

s/v Gemini Dreams went in the water today. All good so far. I need to unload and return the rental car tomorrow. Then it is off to sea the wizard!

This week has been an event. Too much time on the road but I saved some $. You never seem to have the right part and where you go doesn't have it, where they sent you after that doesn't have it and you end up improvising. A good example is that I have 3 stainless steel screw and bolt kits... the first job I needed bolts that were not in the kit, the second job I needed screws that were not in the kit, out of 2000 plus pieces that just sucks!

I also went today to get a remote control throttle for the engine. LOL The first place didn't have it, the second place said $650.00 plus! What I wanted was the little brackets like on a lawn mower. What I ran into is that this over engineered motor with all of its built in tilt etc. doesn't have the bolt holes and other needed items with out changing the carburetter! Damn engineers!

I now have a bimini/solar rack that I saved $300 on. Originally I looked into the solar stik and designed an alternative using the same principles. Due to time and the 130s I purchased I am putting the panels on top of a stainless tubed bimini.

I also found a Montague bike for sale at Sailor Man in Ft Lauderdale and saved $300 on that too. If anyone is interested in one they have another one, offer $300. That is 1/2 price! Got to have transportation in ports.

Also started changing out some of the running rigging this week.


Just remember I'm having margaritas and sunsets and you are at work!

Here are the pics from this week and the transfer from dry storage to the water...

Hello Tinman and Boo
I miss you!

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