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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Still floating ...

We are currently under a tornado watch with the warnings creeping closer and closer.  NOAA  The wind has been gusting all day.

Took the rental car back today, more ca-chings. After my experiences with Alamo I can now say I had a positive experience. When I made it from PC to WPB I needed to trade out the Pathfinder for a little grocery getter to lessen the daily cost for the next week. If you need to make that trip it was 100 dollars cheaper for a one day trip than Enterprise! When I went to trade they gave me a free upgrade due to stock available, when I walked outside the Pathfinder was still there they upgraded one more time to a full size sport ute. Sure made fetching that bimini a lot easier.

Installed the monster grill today, a Magma Monterey.  Enough room for a great cook out on Shell Island.  Especially since it has a quick disconnect and legs for the beach.

Also started on the new bow roller for the 35 pound Manson Supreme anchor. If you are interested in more specs on the Manson go here.  This is only the first part of the anchoring system.  Also included is a 150 feet of 1/4 HT chain, 190 feet of 1/2 double braid.  I have a fortress with rode back up for Bahamian mooring and lunch and another fortress with rode for the dingy.

The dingy is now named "Boo Boo Tin Tin". I didn't have time to pick up the letters before the return from Alamo.

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