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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New anchor...and lights Oh My

I was able to get the new anchor mounted to the deck today.  Along with 150 feet of 1/4 inch chain and 200 feet of 1/2" double braid.  This leaves me 200 feet of 1/2" double braid for use in case there are storms and I need to  tie up in the mangroves or multi-anchor.  Re-dedicated the original anchor chain to the aft fortress.

Also managed to install all 5 AGM batteries.  I now have power which leads to more projects.  Upgrading to LED lights, new breaker panel, installing the computer and internet connection, etc.  But the highest priority will be the solar panels.  I may have to stay at Indiantown another day to get the panels accomplished.

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  1. Man!, you've been busy!
    I love the grill. You're living the good life, that's for sure. It looks warm and enjoyable.