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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rest well with Poseidon s/v Emma Gail....

The Vega Group has suffered a great loss in the s/v Emma Gail.  With Poseidon she now rests.  The captain was safe ashore, taking a break during cyclone season and waiting to return to his circumnavigation.  Glad you are safe to sail another day...

Taken from Kenneth's post on the Albin Vega Yahoo Group...

"Well, Vega heads...this will be my last update about the voyage of Emma Gail. I
worked on my little vega for over a year, and then departed last December 12th
on my Solo Circumnavigation. meandered south out of Galveston, down to mexico,
honduras, panama, the galapagos, marquesas, tuamotus, tahitti, moorea, bora
bora, samoa, and then out across on a run to the torress straits. Not sure if
y'all remember, but i got knocked down twice and parted the forestay, but
managed to limp down to Port Villa, Vanuatu. and get most of the repairs done. 
but storm season was too close at hand for me to get clear of australia before
cyclone season, so i decided to anchor Emma Gail in Vanuatu and return back home
until this spring, when i planned to return and complete what i had started. 
And you know what they say about well laid plans...Well just this morning i got
word that a hurricane hit port villa, and that my boat broke free and was
lost... what a bummer. She was a good little boat... So is life! Farewell to
you all...and Fair winds."

More photo's of Emma Gail...here

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