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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Project 25: Winds of Change...Ventilation 101

I still have some photos to add and will remove this note when I do...

Time for some of those impending projects.  The project list is now at 60 items and time is ticking until we depart for the islands again.  So with the heat of summer already here I chose to tackle the Dorades and Cowls to increase the ventilation in the V-birth.  This will also be a big help during those now daily hit or miss thunder storms.  Some times 3 times a day.

Remains of the original head vent

In theory the water goes overboard and the air inboard

I bought the Cowls and Dorades last fall before embarking on my adventure but due to the amount of items I took to a 27 foot sailboat (15 grey tubs, 7 bags of groceries, and several boxes) I left them in storage.   I moved them on board about 3 weeks ago and placed them on deck in roughly the mounting spot.  After a few days of kicking them around I finally found a spot of compromise.

Sitting and waiting for final decision.

The next step was to actually cut the deck taper into the teak dorades since the deck is not flat in this area and I hate the splayed out look.  Of course the saw blade was too dull for the hard dense teak.  Ca-ching more money in the project.  After letting them sit for a couple more days before cutting holes in the deck, I found that the 4 inch vents needed a 4 3/8 hole saw.  Of course the hole saw I had didn't work. Ca-ching, more money in the project.  At  this time I installed the cowl that came with an adapter ring and a new ring for the one that didn't.  This is where I found out the new ring (sea dog) wouldn't fit the cowl (ABI ).  I called Bacon Sails in Annapolis and ordered a slightly used ring to fit the cowl.  Ca-ching  Once it arrived (incorrect as it was a cap and not a ring) I found out thee are at least 3 different thread sizes in stainless steel deck plates.  Still waiting on a refund.  I have found a source for the NLA ABI cowls and rings (who happens to be out of stock at the moment).  When they do become available it will be ... YES OF COURSE... CA-CHING!

"Hand rubbed" dorade on right and naked teak on left,  Old aged teak handrail.

"Epifanes" dorade finished 

So after placing and kicking them for a couple more days I cut the holes in the teak boxes.  It was now time to "finish" the teak.  Ca-ching more money.

"Finished" and bolted down for test-.

After the Dorades were ready to be fitted it was time to prep the deck.  Drill oversize holes and fill with epoxy to protect the core.  Ch-ching.  Drill the correct hole size in both the deck and the teak boxes.  Then seal the mounting hardware through the deck.

The original hole now epoxied into place awaiting painting.  Ca-ching.

The newest hole for the solar vent for the head. Why doesn't every thing that is 4" use the same mounting hole size?  There goes another hole saw blade (4 3/4" size needed but there are none at HD so a 5" hole and more epoxy to protect the core.) and more epoxy!  Ca-ching!

The new Stainless Solar Vent from Nicro to vent the head.

Completed Project!  Whew!

note: s/v Whisper used a vinyl cowl for a hause pipe,  I am still considering this option.

Price to add two vents to the fore peak and relocate and replace the head vent.

Project Items
Teak Dorades    
ABI Cowl Vents  
Nicro Stainless Steel Solar Vent 
Teak finish  (hand rub)
3m 5200   
3m 4200    
West Systems Epoxy
Stainless Harware
Finish Deck Plates / below
Epifanes Clear UV High gloss finish
3m sandpaper, brushes and other supplies
4 3/8" hole saw
5 " hole saw
4" hole saw

Items remaining: Stainless Steel  hoop dorade guards @ $XXX.XX
                         A second NICRO for the v-birth @159.00
                         Two NICRO vents for the main cabin.@ $159.00 ea

Stainless dorade guards

Total for completed ventilation with all 4 NICRO vents $1950+-
Stay tuned for more projects..

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