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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Taking a Break from Projects and TS Arlene

I have been working on boat projects as fast as Island Time allows.  Trying to multi-task allowing for drying time and patience.  The rewire is very time consuming in hot, humid contortional causing nooks creating a need for patience recuperation.  Things like the saw being two miles away also hamper the continuation (2 miles by bird, 7 miles by car, and 2 1/2 hours by bus).  But, with a now decided deadline for departure south the tasks are eminent.  So the next thing on the list is Take A Break Have Some Fun...

"Daddy!  The spear has fish yuck on it!"
That is my little brother behind me, he is annoying!
Girl Power, Mom and I both caught Sea Bass.
I'm still not eating it and don't let it touch me!
Another typical Gemini Dreams dinner, Blackened Red Snapper.
Followed by Blackened Sheep Head and Sea Bass Almondine.

TS Arlene formed last night!  The true beginning of the Storm Season!  I have found and use this site: Storm Pulse to keep up to date.  It has the official NOAA alerts, tracks by NHC, imagery from NASA and details from the NAVY fly-bys and a host of viewable on and off buttons.  Arlene is destined for Mexico but who know what the season will bring. 

Time for ice cream!  Tin keeps checking his ice cream donations and still has hope! 

What is next on the agenda?  Here is a hint.  I just tested a spot on the hull for a through hull dual frequency transducer. I am narrowing the GPS location.  Does anyone have Lowrance Radome or Navionics Platinum+ (632, 699 and 630) they want to donate?

All fun and no work makes Tin a spoiled boy!  Boat School.


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