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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thanks Cindy!

I'd like to thank Cindy for her email to Vega Spares.  Somehow way back in February I emailed Vega Spares and used the Vega email list trying to get new Spreader Hounds for the ends.  Mine were shot!

40% of the inner most end was  corroded away!

With the trip to Los Tortugas held up waiting on a possible repair I was stalled out in Boot Key Harbor.  Wanting to move on to Los Tortugas and/or the Bahamas while sitting in Boot Key Harbor isn't really all that bad. After several days of trying to email Steve and no response (guess my email was going to the trash bin or something) I had a local machine shop make me some to keep sailing.  Well time has come for me to try the original style parts again.  Still no response from Vega Spares!  It is now June and I want all that can be fixed before November cruising season.  A quick email to Cindy in GA asking her to contact Vega Spares for me (she has a Vega also, and by the way Cindy, have you named that boat yet?) provided me with results the next day!  I guess it was time to play the pretty face card from the deck.  Just for reference they are currently 35£ each and 7£ shipping to the USA.  I now have a second email for Steve incase I need other spares.

Today they arrived by Royal Mail!  So it wont be long before I have to go back up the mast.  I need to get the mast head light working anyway.   I installed a brand new LED Tri-light while doing the Bad Boy Xtreme WiFi*  but got so ticked over the spreader hound issue and trying to get a cable through the mast that I gave up when it was time to set sail on the adventure again.

Left: Old original Spreader Hound
Left Center: New Original style 
Right Center: New custom made
Right Other new original from Vega Spares

I also received my ACTIVE CAPTAIN hat today!  Wooo Hooo!

*There is a known glitch in the Google Chrome with Bad Boy Xtreme WiFi!  You always have to set up Bad Boy X with IE and then use Chrome!  Every time you manually select a hot spot you have to do it in IE!  Other than that BBX has worked great.  You can choose first available and let it roll but a lot of the strongest signals have no connectivity to the internet or are pay now $9.95 a day or $34.95 a month types.

Hasta Luego


  1. Glad to see you got those hounds replaced.One of the major things I didn't get done b4 I sold the boat. Enjoy your blog by the way.

  2. I'd like to replace my spreader hounds also. They are not broken yet but I bet they are origional equipment. I've just sent a email to Steve but just in case I don't hear from him can you send me your contact info (Cindy). Thanks, Colin Isis V-703 ve1csm@ns.sympatico.ca