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Thursday, November 10, 2011

A long, long time ago in a far away place...

Last year was the culmination of  thirty years of lost and postponed dreams.

About 3 years ago on a random road trip escaping a severe case of cabin fever it slammed me pretty hard.  The call of the ocean that is.  I don't know why I have always been drawn to the ocean.  Maybe it was my parents being Florida when I was conceived.  Maybe it was being born a restless Gemini.  What ever the reason, I set into motion a plan to escape from the daily grind and sail into the sunset.

I started looking for a boat, not just any boat but a Hans Christian...
...See way back in the mid 80's a girlfriend and I were going to go to Key West and run dive charters off a Hans.  Things come and things go, the next one was afraid of water.  That drastically altered the events from that point on.  Then there was the racing phase, sports cars and F1.  Then somewhere down the line I met my best friend and had a couple of children. Even named my son after a Formula one driver.  Over a long quiet time I began to find myself and my dreams again.

Well a Hans Christian was currently cost prohibitive and I went on to the next option.  Morgans at 41' then 35 footers...  The rest of the world got bigger and my world got smaller.  I got more practical and started shopping smaller.  "Go small, go now!" began to really hit home.  I purchased "Twenty Small Boats to Take You Anywhere".  I began to check out the boats listed in the book.  Trips to Annapolis, Norfolk and the Keys to look and check out some of the options.  Albergs, Pearsons and Dorys Oh My.  Then I found s/v Whisper on a blog and the decision was made for an Albin Vega.  Back to Norfolk to look at a Vega.  It was a cold Noreaster that day, the Vega was in poor shape and the broker was a dick, so no deal.  Now to find a good one.

After months of watching eBay, Craigs and all the trader sites I saw Vegas come and go.  All the good deals in California and all the high prices on the east coast.  Then a boat popped up on eBay and I hoped to snipe it for a good deal.  Then it disappeared before the end of the auction.  Turned out in my favor as it was pulled for lack of interest and a fear of going to cheap.  I ended up making an acceptable offer and the rest is history.

Almost two years of planning, searching and organizing came to a close last Thanksgiving.  I had a boat, quit my job and headed out on the seas.

This year my son goes with me...


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  1. I remember your run to look at the S/V Whisper, as I recall you barely made it out before we had a big snowstorm. The hardships of shopping.