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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All work and some fun

Well we have been busy over the last few days with preparations to make a crossing of the Stream.  We were having a blast at Bahia Honda during the days went spent there.

We haven't posted enough fishing pics lately, Boot Key Anchorage

One afternoon a fellow fisherman offeced us a couple dozen live shrimp since he was going up the keys the next day.  These little guys turned out to be a blast.  We fished within casting distance to the campground and caught two groupers that made it to the grill and some small mangrove snappers.  At this point I would say that "live" shrimp out fishes gulp about 20:1.


While talking to Kristopher about last years adventures he reminded me about cooking shrimp

Then on our last day at Bahia Honda we kept checking the weather and debating on staying or going back to Boot Key.  Last year a spent a couple nights with 25 knt easterlies and it went okay.  Then one the other boats that was currently anchored decided to leave and we followed suit.  This is good as it gives us time to prepare and stock up during the windy days.  The forecast was for 25 knts plus at 7pm but they didn't arrive until after midnight when we were safely anchored in Boot Key.  Have a great time on the Appalachian or CDT Tom!

Reminded by another friend about blackened pasta,  I made a version for the keys...
Cajun Cay Delight, Blackened Grouper Pasta with shrimp

Back in Boot Key there is so much to do!  Groceries, Post office, Taxes, Boat,  Schedules, Weather,  Oh My!  With a couple of trips to Publix and Home Depot we were ready to take the list which would need a cab to get back to the marina.  We were planning on 3 months in the Bahamas and didn't want to stress over daily food.  I really need to break down and bake some bread but I just keep putting it off.  Now where to put all this stuff.  There is a good day to cross later this week!  If nothing goes wrong we will be going Bahamian.

Key Lime Pie, Mmmmmm!

On the political side here in Boot Key, Marathon has decided to revamp it's control of the harbor.  There are meetings to go to and things to do.  I hope when we return there is still a way to make a few dollars here instead of spending a lot.


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